Thursday, February 8, 2007

It's only been a week? ;-)

I thought that today.
Funny how time unspools and no longer runs the same way when you get rid of the overarching structures that have kept it in place.

I have become very introverted. After the first weekend, I haven't felt the need to step out and go-see-do. Part of it is the clearing-out of excess stuff, yes...but part of it could be called old-fashioned PMS. This is how I've changed: instead of becoming a ranting and raging bitch, I feel the need to retreat unto my sanctuary and nest, and ponder, perhaps even to create.

Tomorrow, I will be stepping out, though, for my monthly chiropractic adjustment, to mail tax stuff, to fax a fax, and maybe one or two other things. We'll see.

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  1. *waves*
    Just stopping in to say hello...
    LOVE your blog.