Friday, February 2, 2007

Introduction (part one)

For friends old, new, in between and undecided...

You would look at my job and say it was perfect:
Four day work-week. Benefits. Ten minutes away from the beach. (Mostly) Great co-workers. Two sets of holidays (Jewish and American).


It was killing me softly. There was one co-worker - the one I had to answer to, no less - that drove me crazy, no matter what. The work I was doing support me financially, but not spiritually or emotionally. When I tried to make my work pleasureable, or at least bearable, I was met by scorn and derision.

So, I could have given up and toe the line.
Or, I could have yearned for freedom, suffered in silence, and then had the "wake up call" (the big accident or medical incident) that would force me to "change or die."
I chose option number three instead...I created my own change. I left the job, determined to carve out the life I want, on my terms.
In walking away from this job, I am also walking away from an entire line of "muggle" jobs that have been filling time for years.
No more. If and when I return to the working world, it will be something that complements me, rather than something that I fit into.

This is the chronicle of my journey.
I am starting from scratch, in a sense. I have cleaned the slate. I take out my stylus to imprint new things on it.

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