Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life as Pop-Quiz

Plans are changing with massive rapidity as of late...!

First I'm going to do a healing on a co-worker. Then I'm not.
A friend cancels her plans, so I make new ones with another. Then the original plan comes back into place as said friend uncancels herself.
A trip in early September looked to be derailed due to "circumstances beyond control." I'm still taking said trip, however, but the Universe will be setting the agenda.

It wasn't terribly long ago that I was advised that I would have to release attachment.
I've had the suspicion this week that I'm being tested on how well I've become in this releasing.
Testing my flexibility, and capacities for improvisation.

So far, I think I'm doing a lovely job of allowing Grace to lead the way... :-)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

notes from the First Harvest

For the second phase of my intensive, Kuan Yin stepped aside and guided me to the "power trinity" of Durga, Shakti, and Kali! All of these Hindu Goddesses are Very Powerful, so I knew I wasn't going to be messing around! (lol)
I was also lent a very power*full CD called Crystal Bowls of Tibet, composed by Jacob Hans & Richard Jelusich. This will move mountains for you if you're ready for it! And I needed a little mountain moving...

Suffice to say that for the first part of this intensive, I felt Durga at my head, filling me with courage & strength, as warrior Goddesses can do so well. Shaki, the Creatrix of the Universe, was at my feet, managing the energies flowing through me. Kali, the great "Dark Mother" of Creation & Destruction, straddled me, occasionally plunging Her hands into my chest. At length, I drew out a small creature with many legs, a sharp hook at the end of each leg, and destroyed it myself.
The second part of the intensive was to re-balance my body and fill the vacuum that had been created by the removal of the Shadow-Matrix. I found the balancing point as the moon finished its journey from waning to new, and entered Lammas ready to seal the deal, as it were.
Suffice to say the deal has been sealed. Powerfully.
I have shed my foreboding & dread as the snake sheds her skin. :-)

To cap it all of, on the night of the anniversary of my father's death, I played Astarius' Reiki Temple Chants. Um, can we say another mountain mover & a perfect bookend to the process?

Through all of this, I am becoming more & more sensitive to feeling energy flowing through my hands & body. My hands have actually begun twitching & shaking when a healing frequency moves through them! I have begun to "tap" with my hands; looks like another avenue opening up to research a bit! (as if I don't have several other modalities on my plate already!) ;-)

I am currently resting a bit before the Next Event: the opening of the Triple-8 gate on the earth-plane (8/8/08). This may very well be a doozy in the best sense...!

Friday, August 1, 2008

~eye of the storm~

On this Lammas day,
I seem to have been given a breather by the Universe,
between bouts of intense shape-shifting.

So it's entirely possible
now that my new schedule has taken effect
that I'll spend all day in my pajamas.
Or maybe not.

May your harvest be bounty*full and beyond your wildest dreams this season.
(And if you're in the Southern hemisphere while reading this...may you have the courage to dream bodaciously as you select which seeds to plant this year.) ;-)