Saturday, September 10, 2011

On doing a Healingway for 9/11

The original Healingway image. (Naples, FL 6/11)
Ten years ago tomorrow, I was on my way to work. I turned on the classical station I was listening to at the time and was surprised not to hear music. Instead, I heard a news station relating what was unfolding on that day. What is going on? I thought to myself. Is this some kind of joke? Unfortunately, it was not.
There wasn't a whole lot of work done on September 11, 2001. Everyone was glued to the radio. (There might have been a telecast going on, but I don't remember where the TV was, if we had one.) I remember calling my mother to tell her, Something is happening in New York. Turn on the TV. She called me back shortly thereafter; she couldn't watch the news. It was too horrible. The mood at work, on the coast and at home, became very somber as the implications began to sink in for all of us.
I remember sitting outside, considering eating my lunch. I remember pondering the enormity of the events that happened on the East Coast. I remember feeling very sad, anxiety wanting to build within me - until I snapped myself out of it.
"You know what?" I said aloud, to no one in particular, "I Refuse to Be a Victim!"

In that moment, a small white feather floated across my vision, from somewhere above and to the left of me, landing to the right of me. I kid you not.
In that moment, the Power was switched on within me. Yes, I had been initiated as a Wiccan priestess a few months before, but in the moment I chose NOT to become entangled in the negative, a circuit was completed, a seed was planted, and that was the moment I began to take out my psychic gifts and USE them.
I Refuse to Be a Victim.

Fast forward ten years...
I see other people who also had the Power switched on within them, on that day and on all of the days since. Yet I also see many who have become stuck in Victimhood, or Grudge-Holding, or Fear-Mongering.
It occurred to me last year - enough is enough. It's high time this "9/11" energy was channeled in Positive ways, instead of being stuck in a repeating vicious cycle of fear and hatred. Some of us can even feel the buildup of energy leading up to 9/11; even if you can't, think about this - have you noticed, every year around this time, tempers become shorter, manners get tossed out the window more often, and people become downright mean and grouchy? Then we hit 9/13 and POOF! we're back to normal. (Sort of.) ;-)
I'm not asking anyone to forget what happened. There are valuable lessons that we've learned, and are still learning. For many, 9/11 was the day the veil of secrecy began to be pulled away from the Shadow Conspirators, whoever you might think they are. (That's a whole 'nother discussion, which can be saved for another time!)
What I am asking is: Isn't it time to Forgive? Isn't it time to Let Go? Isn't it time to drop the heavy bag of Grudges you've been carrying around? You're only damaging Your*self by holding on to the negativity and staying stuck in place. Releasing that which no longer serves you frees up LOTS of energy that can be used in more positive and abundant ways - and I've been on the Journey long enough to know of what I speak!

So this is why I've created the Great Healingway for tomorrow. I call it Reversing the Tide. I'm going to tap into the energy and inject some much-needed Brightness into the swirling Shadows. In doing so, I'm intending to open up a portal to allow much more Peace, Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Healing, and Support to flow into the Collective Consciousness, which will give a boost to the Ascension process currently in progress, leading up to the Big Stargate of 11/11/11. (There will be lots happening between then and now; I shall be posting updates as I receive them on my Wetware blog.)
I don't ask you, dear reader, to agree with me. I simply ask you to consider what I've said. If you do agree with me, you can join me one of two ways: either Live & In Person at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living, or telepathically from the comfort of your own home. The ceremony will unfold from 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Pacific Time; you can hold space with me for two minutes, two hours, or anything in between.

Together, We Are the Change We Seek. Never forget this! :-)