Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been reunited with another spiritual co-conspirator. :-D
V. channels Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, & Isis, among others. I notice that my shifting becomes easier when I'm around her, which is what happened last Saturday, during a beautiful full moon.
I briefly "lost" the capacity to speak English, but found it again later in the evening.

We had previously agreed to breakfast together on the Monday following. That would have been the start of this week. She asked if I would participate in a ceremony afterward, and I agreed.
It became more than that, became an Initiation experience for her. I was singularly honored to attend, for I held space for her, and brought through some Information for her.

I did not leave her company unaltered.
I, too, have had things shift within me.
The muggle and the mystic don't seem as far apart anymore.
I find myself free of anxiety over what the Next Step will be, and when it will be.
I find myself in a place of calm ease. Serenity.
About bloody time, eh! ;-)

That's about all I can say at this moment.
I may be able to articulate things further later on...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Breaking the Silence

It's "only" been a month since I last wrote here, but so much has happened!

First, fire paid a visit to the county of San Diego. I walked with my brothers and sisters through the Crucible, and emerged (thankfully) unscathed. Ash & soot settled all around my house, and the evacuation lines were drawn mere blocks away from me, but I was never in any direct danger, Gods Be Praised!
The fires stirred up a lot of stuff that was buried deep, along with burning away many things that were no longer necessary, in many of us. I was blessed to attend a healing ritual mere days after the fires swept through, and were on their way to burning themselves out. Not only did I share my particular gifts with my sisters - not only did we come together to begin the healing process - but I began to see the Next Phase of my journey revealed unto me...

Two weeks after the fires visited, my pelvis locked up. I was introduced to a level of stillness that I had not experienced outside of having a head-cold and/or the flu. I gained a new level of gratitude for simply being able to walk, despite the extreme discomfort. I also gained a new level of gratitude for my chiropractor, who made me right as rain in two sessions (and my masseuse, who helped me release a lot of somatic tension afterward)!
While I was moving in kairos time, the biggest thing that jumped out at me was the energy of the "kept woman," she who surrenders a significant portion of her power/independence in order to get the sacred space she needs to work her magick. In some ways, I am that "kept woman," staying with my mother to give her the help she needs, while I am freed from worrying about paying rent on a house, utilities, etc. A part of me yearned deeply to cut these ties; I found myself asking the question, How badly do you want to be free?

So this past Thursday, I attended a "Life Vision" seminar presented by Michael Beckwith.
Let me just get this out of the way: He is HOT! With Charisma-Plus! Pity he's married! ;-)
Back to the seminar...I saw who I am to become, who I am becoming right now. When I asked what I was going to give up to real*I*ze this vision of my*self, the answer was direct & to the point: Attachment.
My immediate response: Oh shit! (lol)
So maybe I like where I am now, after all...but I have been promised that the rate of change will not be any quicker than I can handle.

So here is where I am:
My muggle job promises to remain interesting. You see, Special-K has hired a new executive gentleman, who we are calling "Oz," (so that will be his cover label here as well) who is straight from the Corporate World. Oz is attempting to introduce Order & Structure into an environment that has been rather, shall we say, "free form" in the past. There has already been resistance to his efforts - to the point of outright rebellion, as certain of his suggestions have been happily ignored by several of my coworkers.
For my part, I will be purchasing a copy of The Four Agreements for his perusal, and eventual implementation, in the hopes that the ideas presented by don Miguel Ruiz can help tame some the drama llamas, which are still running around!
Most of them center around one woman whom everyone else despises, to varying degrees. Notice I didn't include myself in that statement, for I kept my own counsel, and discovered the truth behind the hype. Personally, I think we shall get along infamously... ;-)
Oh yes, I've also begun to take an apache tear (a piece of obsidian) to work. Pity I didn't start doing this sooner! It's making all the difference in the Universe!!

As to the Real Work:
My Voice will be on a CD sooner, rather than later. I'm thinking after the New Year, after the holiday hype has quieted down.
I will be using my Voice as the centerpiece of a different kind of a healing circle, which I am going to activate in February. I will present my*self to the various metaphysical bookstores in the area and see who will host me.
Let Your Voice Lead the Way, I was told early this year. Now I'm finally ready to see where it will lead me...