Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clearing the Patio

I have a small patio where I live. I've been wanting to trim the trees and bushes there for some time. Well, since rain was in the forecast, and since spring hasn't quite begun to regenerate things, today was the perfect day. I planned to stop if the rain started, but it remained clear.

I trimmed the myrtle trees down to a reasonable height. I cut the rosebush down to practically nothing. I removed several branches of the large pepper tree, including bringing down and breaking down a huge branch by myself! I also trimmed the remains of the bouganvillea bush back to very little as well. Some of its branches were so tangled in the branches of the pepper tree, I couldn't get them out. So there they hang, until I can get some help from the next door neighbor.

I say "remains" of the bouganvillea bush because the freezing nights we had this winter (very rare for my part of SoCal) all but killed it. I really don't know if it will recover, but I have my suspicions.

This is the work that my body loves doing. I can do it all day - reaching and stretching, bending and hefting, moving and hauling. I revel in my inherent sturdiness and strength, in the fact that I am truly a Daughter of the Earth.

When I was done, I swept the patio clear, then stopped and admired the fruits of my labor.
It looked bigger, more open...and I can move under the pepper tree now without having to stoop down, lest spiders land in my hair. ;-)

Here's to spending more time in the patio.

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