Saturday, August 18, 2012

July: Haltia - Goddess of the Home

Every house should have a World Tree, yes? (Gerton, NC 4/12)
 Haltia was believed to rule over houses among the Baltic Finns. This benevolent Goddess was considered an integral part of the actual structure of the home, bringing good luck to its inhabitants. She also acted as a guardian to the occupants of the house She had chosen to bless. 
(from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle guide)

Haltia's message on the card is, "Create harmony in your home. Then good luck will visit." This I chose to take on a fundamental level, as my ultimate home is my body. Yes, I was inspired to do a bit more decluttering last month, and will probably do some more decluttering in the months ahead, but I really needed to recenter my focus on my*self.
If there was a finish line at the end of June, I would have stumbled, if not crawled, across it. After being under Hekate's intense guidance for that entire month, I staggered my way into July completely exhausted. I survived my supervisory training, Goddess be praised, and I was adjusting to life without Princess Joey being beside me in material form. (Completely different story on the astral; her spirit is definitely here.) The only thing I really wanted to do, though, when I wasn't at work, was sleep...and work, though much easier as I settled into a regular schedule, was still not the freshest bed of roses.

I checked with myself and remembered when I had felt similarly before, several years ago. My chiropractor at the time did a quick muscle test and had diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. (See, each kidney has a gland atop it that it wears like a little hat. This is the adrenal gland and it pumps out the familiar adrenaline. If it's on overdrive for very long periods of time, eventually it cries out, "No more!" and you feel exhausted all the time.) I did a muscle test on myself and...yup. Adrenal fatigue redux! So not only did I get the herbs that help with adrenal fatigue, I also read up on the acupressure points to use, and found that rose quartz, pressed into the reflexology points for the kidneys, works really well. That restored the physical harmony.

Emotionally, however, was a different story. It took a near-meltdown at work for me to realize, hey, I'm still emotionally shot! So I pulled back a bit, entering into fallow time, promising myself that I would be ambitious - later. Now was a time for me to rest. Resting at Glen Ivy was right lovely. :-) 
I also felt the need to have a retreat for myself, where I could get out of the routines of my life for a time and just be free-floating through the world. I plotted and planned - and then the Universe gave me an excellent opportunity. I had recently met someone new, who invited me to come and stay for a few days. So I took him up on the offer...and my life has pivoted in a new direction.

(The story is unfolding on Facebook; the summary is actually on my website now.)