Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back in...Turquoise!

Here comes the sun... (Naples, FL)

Perhaps the energies swirling about have driven me a wee bit crazy. Perhaps I'm finally loosening up and not taking everything SO seriously. Whatever, I'm finally back and posting here, and it feels Really Good. :-)

Talk about your Special High Intensity Transformation processes - holy shishkebab! My muggle job has gone from tolerable to crazy to full on Insane! Such is life when you transfer operating systems and discover the process is like one extended Tetris game! I have been pushed to my limits...and then seen my limits pushed out further than I could have imagined. As my capacities for endurance have increased, so has my discernment. What I could tolerate in the past is often rather unacceptable now, and solutions need to be devised sooner rather than later, thank you very much!

To add to the Tricksters' frolicking, my old computer became infected by a rather pernicious spambot that would pop up umpteen ads on my screen whenever I visited a website, any website. I was basically unable to do anything on the old comp. Himself and I have come up with a solution; sometime in the near future, I'll be transferring all of my pics and docs from the old comp to a "new" one. Then I'll be completely back in business once more.

In the meantime, I'm finding my way back to my key sites, like this one, and starting to do some long-need updates. Progress might not be coming as quickly or on as grand a scale as I initially expected, but I'm getting where I want to step at a time.

I thought once I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but it turned out to be a train coming headlong at me! Fortunately, I managed to jump out of the way in time. Now I see sun rising once more...and I say, "It's All Right." ;-)