Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seven years on...

It's about that time again... (@ Home, 2011)
The blog is seven years old this month.
Wow. :-o

I remember why I created the blog...
Seven years ago, I responded to the whispers in my heart with a YES.
I wanted to take the gifts I had discovered, and was discovering, and share them with the world.
I wanted to move from being "just" a Wiccan priestess with a love for shamanic techniques into being a Priestess of the World, using my gifts to help others heal, and grow, and reclaim their own Authentic Power.
I wanted to document the journey more-or-less publicly as I did so, partly for Accountability, mainly because I'm a Storyteller and this would make a rockin' good story, yes? Thus, I began to Dance in ze Sky.

Seven years on, and where am I now?
I thought I had it going on, moving slowly but steadily toward my goals.
Come 2011, specifically November 11th, 2011, things took a radical turn off the road - literally, as I found myself tromping around in the desert just outside of Las Vegas helping to look for my lost car key! I never did find that key, but I had some new ones made, and it's all good now.
I'm calling it a detour, slightly more than two years in length, moving through the Dragon year of 2012 and the Snake Year of 2013 on a crazy roller-coaster style ride. I've been squeezed, squozed, poked, prodded, place in the heart of the Fire and tossed into the quenching Water as I've journeyed along the path of Special High Intensity Transformation!
In this space of breathing and considering, I see that ALL of this has been necessary - for along the way I note that I have released every last bit of Stuck Ego within me, every last thought of Playing Small, lest I rock the boat too much. Is it any wonder I wanted to call a do-over at the end of January/start of February and just stay in bed and REST for a week or two? (LOL)

I find myself in something of Chrysalis mode right now, observing and resting and taking inventory of what still remains for me, post-Shifting of Shape. Pardon me a moment while I take full advantage of some clich├ęs - for it's back to basics right now, and I've gotten the message starting over with a clean slate several times in the last few weeks. So, basically...I have no Big Picture right now, but I DO have a few nibbles I'm going to be following up on in the near future. :-)

In the meantime, there's a hint of the fragrance of night-blooming jasmine in the air, roughly a month early. See, while many of my friends are enduring the Winter that Just Won't End, those of us in Cali (especially SoCal!) just finished experiencing the Winter that Wasn't. Lots of warm desert winds, combined with a ridge of high pressure that just won't quit, have dried us out and kept us dry for most of the season most everyone else knows as Winter. I'm already hearing the hummingbirds beginning their courting dives as we ease into the Spring (yes, it's Spring, even if it doesn't really feel like it in your neck of the woods!) I'm also enjoying my first real Valentine's day as part of a couple, with my boo-bear, Jonathan. This has meant lots of flowers, a modestly-sized Teddy Bear, dinner in Old Town, and a lot of rampant snoggery! That's all I'm gonna say about that... ;-)

As I move along my new path in the New Reality, I'll try and see about blogging a bit more about the Journey, so stay tuned, loyal peeps! In this Horse Year, I feel the best is truly yet to come...