Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lovely Day, Lovely Times

Had my date at the Philosophical Libary today. It was their "grand reopening" (although they've been open for a few months at the new locale already) and I volunteered my services as a reader and a Singer.
It was one of those days where everything clicked. The readings were all spot on. The Singing impressed the pants off several people. I reconnected with several old friends and made several new friends as well. I received a few reciprocal readings, which confirmed many of my suspicions. I even made a little money from donations. :-)

Don't tell anyone, but I'm loving being "unemployed" at the moment. Yes, I'm getting harangued on a regular basis by my mother, but for once, I'm not letting it get to me - too much. ;-)

I am learning new appreciation for these days of freedom!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Authenticity, Now! YES!!

This year, I chose to re-read my Sarah Ban Breathnach books concurrently.
She writes her books so that you can do that. :-)

I first read - and wrote in - her Simple Abundance Companion in 2003. Even, then, I was yearning to leave the muggle job world. As I reread her words and my words, it hit me:
I've done it.
I'm living the Authentic Life I craved for soooo very long, Right Now!
(I did a little happy dance when I realized this)

I tell those who ask that I'm taking a "sabbatical" from working.
I'm not telling them, though, that it might very well become a permanent one. ;-)

Now, should circumstances dictate it necessary, I will get myself a job to support myself until my spiritual endeavors become large enough to support me. But there is no rush at all, and perhaps this move won't even be necessary.
I savor this moment deeply...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Business Cards

Recently, while I was talking to my friend P., I mentioned the three things that I would need for any new endeavors of mine: business cards, a website, and a cell phone. This blog you're reading right now would be the first step towards my own website. :-)

The cellphone has yet to manifest into my life, but as for the business cards...
I was still working at the synagogue when I made this proclamation. A few days later, one of our graphics vendors came by to drop off some business cards with the new logo. He said they were for everybody. Yeah, right, I thought at the time - for I assumed "everybody" meant "senior staff," and if you weren't senior staff (which I wasn't), you got squat.
So I looked in the box, and lo! This time, "everybody" really meant everybody!
I got my own business cards!!
I burst out laughing, for although it was fabulous that I finally had my own cards, I was going to be leaving the synagogue very soon! Be careful what you wish for, indeed! I made a note to myself: must be very specific when requesting manifestations! ;-)

So what does this have to do with anything?
I just made my own business cards...for FREE. I only have to pay for shipping & handling. They are going to look fantastic. They are going to be accurate. They are going to be Authentic!

Here's the gratuitous plug for their website:
I'm bubbling with excitement right now. A key component made manifest! WHOOHOOO!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


So - it's been a week since I've returned home.
I made something of an effort to secure work, but it's consisted of registering with one temp agency. That's it.
See, the thing is, I don't want to return to the muggle working world. Really.
So much so, the level of resistance has been a bit surprising. It got my attention.
I sat with the resistance and saw the genteel Shadow. I listened to the resistance, and saw the true nature of my reluctance...

I have self-identified with rational, active, "masculine" energies for so long, feeling something else within me felt alien and (initially) unrecognizable. For the first time, I'm truly in an intuitive, receptive, "feminine" space. Whoa...!
This aspect of me could care less about the world, its activities, and its rules. This aspect of me gives thanks for what I have Right Now, and hears the call to Deepen.
"Settle" just isn't the right word.
This aspect of me wants to look within and bring forth what I see in material form - to Create, in other words.

Well, here is my biological clock going off, just not in the usual way.
I don't want to have babies. I want to write stories and paint pictures and collage and commune with my stone friends, the trees in my complex, the crows and the cats and the koi fish on the coast. I want to sit on the beach, or walk in the woods, and connect on the really deep levels.
(I see this, in a flash of insight, just now: I am preparing for the shamanic work yet to come!)

This impulse becomes Shadow when it interferes with my life, turns my resting time into sticky inertia.
So you don't want to go back to the muggle world, eh? So you just want to Create, eh?
So, let's CREATE!
...which is exactly what I started doing yesterday, continued today, and will likely rejoin tomorrow! HA!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now What?

After I quit my job, I refrained from actively seeking new employment, or making any significant movement towards manifesting my dreams, because there was a major trip coming up for me at the end of February/start of March: a nice "little" holiday in Australia.

I returned home this past Thursday. I'm still processing the whole experience, not to mention three rolls of film and a bunch of digital pictures. ;-) I will be sharing some of my thoughts about the whole excursion in the near future...

It was interesting, though, on the train trip home - Okay, the big adventure has come and gone. Now what?

In a sense, this is the point where I am starting from scratch. Nothing huge on the horizon to look forward to, to put all my energies into.

I had one poker in the fire already: my engagement at the Philosophical Libary on the 25th. The Universe then presented to me a woman asking for my services as a Priestess, not 48 hours after my return! :-o Excellent! (Of course, I have accepted.)
I perused the want-ads in today's paper, and found two opportunities right off the bat. Tomorrow will also be a good time to put together (finally!) my job manifestation board.

Now what?
Now the fun really begins. :-)
Now I return to full engagement with the life I have Here & Now.