Thursday, October 30, 2008

Descent, with some bright lights in the darkness

Well, of course I've been spiralling down and in, I realized quite recently.
Tis the season.
Samhain - remembering & honoring the dead, preparing for the Winter ahead.
Now is the season of the Crone, who sets out into the world to gather up the souls who are ready for rebirth.
Judging by the hospice calls we've received at work since the start of October, She started a little early this year.

This is also the season of descent, into the Underworld - to release the old, and dream the new into being.
I think the Universe sensed this, and how heavy things could be in this time, for we have a gift in our patio...

A momma tortoiseshell cat brought her two kittens into our patio a couple of days ago.
(Cats know who the "cat people" are. Every time.) ;-)
I cannot begin to calculate how much time I've spent watching the antics of these wee babies.
There is magic in watching a young and innocent soul sampling new things in the world for the first time. In observing, you hear the whisper in certain tender parts of your soul: remember when?
And you are invited to consider how you would answer this question.

One of the other ideas about Samhain is the celebration of life, even in the midst of the dying times. I think these wee kittens are helping me with my celebration - little lights in the deepening dark, keeping me connected to the fact that the Wheel of the Year is continuously turning, even when we don't notice its motion.

Let us all breathe deeply as we move through the darkness, releasing the old and dreaming the new...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Things are shifting within me

I would love to provide details - in fact, I've been poised on the edge of adding to this blog several times - I've been poised to make posts on the boards of the cyber-communities that I belong to...but the words won't come.

At least, not here. Not in the strange private~public place that is cyberspace.

My words wait until the morning, when all is quiet, then they spill out onto the pages of my journal. I have been writing like a mad woman these past few days and weeks.

An amusing aside: as I entered this month of October, I put out into the Universe I needed a new journal. Come my birthday, I had three journals! As I tend to take a year to fill a journal completely, I will be taken care of for quite some time! (lol)

Back to this latest turn in the labyrinth...
I know that I am returning to the core of Who I Am in this world, and going a little bit deeper still.
I am returning to the point of Singularity within myself, and following it back to its my Source.
Perhaps I am on the verge of a vast sea change that will transform everything in my life.
I don't know, yet.

So I must abide, and hold myself in absolute acceptance - and when my words are ready to be poured out into the world, they will pour out~spill out~rush out, for mass consumption.

For now, I am content to wait, and watch, and wonder.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

37 things about me.

Back again. Just like I promised. ;-)

Stealing an idea from a couple of my fellow blogging peeps; here are 37 things about me, in honor of my birthday. In semi-particular order:

1) I live with a cat.

2) I am the third generation in my family (at least!) who has shared a lifetime with cats.

3) The cat is the second totem animal to come into my life.

4) The first totem animal in my life was/is the hammerhead shark. Seriously.

5) One of my big dreams growing up was to swim with hammerhead sharks. Seriously.

6) I thought I had to give up that dream when I left the path of scientific education. :-(

7) I saw that dream resurrected when I heard that they will let you swim with the sharks in the ginormous Atlanta aquarium. :-)

8) So that's one of the dreams on my "Master To-Do" list.

9) I will fulfill another dream when I go to Japan on my 40th birthday. It's as good as a done deal.

10) Hawaii, however, has been popping up all over the place recently. Yo, Universe, some details please!

11) So has the book Eat, Pray, Love. All right already; I'll read the bloody book! (lol)

12) The same thing happened to me with The DaVinci Code...brilliant read, btw.

13) I am a voracious reader. A cereal box can capture my complete attention.

14) I read the newspaper. You can pick your jaw up off the ground now... ;-)

15) My favorite sections are the funnies and the weekly "News of the Weird" column.

16) The strangeness of people never ceases to amaze me.

17) My reading material of choice is science-fiction.

18) Most of my viewing material of choice is science-fiction as well.

19) I do, however, watch a lot of sports. Go Chargers, Kings, and Lakers!!

20) I also think Rafael Nadal is a tennis stud, and the Williams sisters rock the universe.

21) I love hearing accents, especially overseas ones. Y'all can come read my phonebook aloud anytime. ;-)

22) My daddy was from Texas and my momma from Missouri; my grandmother was from Kentucky.

23) Some people don't think that's "Southern" enough. ;-)

24) I, however, was born in California. Yes, I'm a native Californian! :-o

25) And I still think California is the best state going. Der Governator is a bonus.

26) I voted for Ah-nold even though I'm a registered Democrat.

27) I'll start paying serious attention to politics when the politicians quit letting their inner five-year-olds make all the decisions for them!

28) I do not look like your "typical" Cali-girl; I am brunette, and have serious curves.

29) I love every single one of my curves.

30) It took several years to love myself into acceptance and gratitude for my curves.

31) As hinted above, I was a classically trained Western scientist. I have a BA in Marine Biology and English.

32) I am the first - and the last - alumna of my university to have such a degree.

33) The Universe, however, had other plans for me...and blew my mind wide open.

34) When I grow up, I want to be a Jedi Master.

35) Or maybe a taiko drummer.

36) I started drumming ten years ago (May 1998)

37) And that was the first door that opened for me...

Hey, that wasn't too hard at all.
I think I'll leave it right there, and be a total tease. ;-)

thirty seven.

today is MY day.
happy birthday to me :-D

i will be back with more, but right now it's late and getting later and i really have some stuff to do before i finally hit the hay! (lol)