Monday, February 5, 2007

Clearing Out

Yes, a little part of me started to get anxious:
Gee, we're free from the job now - isn't stuff supposed to be happening??
Yeah, and I've only been off for, what, four or five days. Patience, grasshopper!
(silly expectations) ;-)

Actually, it occurred to me this morning what is going on...I'm in a clearing time.
I'm ridding myself of detrius on several levels; the movement on the physical level is simply the easiest to see.
It's not just the cleaning, either. It's also getting rid of stuff that no longer has a use: old videotapes, an old VCR, several CD's, et cetera. As I bring the house into order, I bring my*self into order. Once I've cleared enough away, then I will be able to receive more clearly.

Let me review my expectations come the new moon. Then we'll see...

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