Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grand Envisioning

So how were the eleven days for you? You know, the "little" experiment from 11/11 to 11/22 this year, where we all combined our Visions to produce a great bit YES! for this wacky tribe of apes who call themselves human beings? Anything interesting happen?

I found myself once again with my usual co-conspirators, the Stone People. My "instructions" were to take a stone from various power spots in the North County and weave a bit of a web with them, to anchor the (present and future) incoming energies so peeps would get an optimum benefit.
Okey dokey, no problem!

I took some pix along the way, and will also show you where the anchor points are. To begin:
The initial two stones came from...
the labyrinth at Questhaven. The energies were really flowing that day as well, since it was at the start of the cycle.
I had intended to visit the labyrinth on the 11th itself, but a scheduling conflict pushed me out to the 12th. No worries; I just unglued myself and traveled back in time 24 hours to connect with the 11/11 energies! HA!

The lighter colored stone (top of the pair) found its way to...
the altar of St. Francis of Assisi at the SRF Meditation Gardens.

They also have a lovely koi pond...
where I found a dark stone to take with me, viz:

Said dark stone (at the top, with the red & orange), went to...
Queen Califia's Magical Circle in Kit Carson Park, where it switched places with another, lighter rock.
That was a bit of a challenge.
See, there are enclosed places within the circle where there are trees growing; in one of those little nooks were two stones. One was ready to come with, the other just wanted to get out of the nook entirely and "go somewhere, anywhere, else!" Fortunately, the walls of the nooks are just about as high as my arms are long, once I get on the bench that juts out from the nook and reach over! (I sympathize with the Stone People - they have a devil of a time getting from point A to point B on their own, and rely a LOT on someone or something to assist them!)
Anyway, the larger rock was completely happy to be beside the one tree that was not enclosed in the sculpture garden; the smaller rock (seen in the top of the above pic) accompanied me to the various "power points" in the park itself, which were completely lovely to visit, frisbee golfers notwithstanding! (lol)

A few days later, the rocks and I visited the coast...
at Tamarack Point Beach in Carlsbad.
This is a teeny strip of a beach sandwiched in between two much longer unbroken stretches. (I used to visit this beach often, when I worked in Carlsbad in the late 90's and early "aught's." I realized I hadn't been back to visit in five years!)
There's a lot more sand at this particular beach than there used to be; so much that many of the rocks were deeply buried. After some exploring, following my nose, and a bit of digging, I found the rock that was to journey to Questhaven's labyrinth in return:
I knew the dark rock at the top was coming back with me the moment my fingers touched it, some half-foot deep beneath the sand...

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the bottom stone in all four pix stays the same. Correct! That stone turned out to be my "anchor" stone, which journeyed with me to all four locations. I initially thought she would be returned to the labyrinth at Questhaven when I was done; the night before I returned, though, she informed me that she would be staying with me. She will go into my main, personal juju bundle come the new moon in about a week and a half. :-)

That wasn't all that I did, but that's what I took pictures of.
Every night during the eleven nights, I joined my intention with the intention of others. I didn't always make it at 11:11pm, but I "uploaded" my energy every night, the stones in my hands. I contributed Love, Enthusiasm, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Miracles, Awakening, Understanding, Courage, Freedom, and Communion over the period of Envisioning - and not necessarily in this order. Each night, I ended with this chant:
I am resuscitated by the Living Air.
I am animated by the Immutable Fire.
I am full*filled by the Living Water.
I am supported by the Ever-Changing Earth.
I draw down the Timeless Knowledge of the Star-Nations.
I bring up the Ancient Wisdom of the Ancestors.
I allow these energies to enter into me~to mix within me~to merge at my Center.
From this place and time, my Light shines Bright in the Darkness!

The words came to me during my initial visit at Questhaven, and were used during the Envisioning. My Work complete in this moment, I share them with all who read this blog.

The Work that we do has the Power to Change Every*thing. Choose Wisely!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From the Wetware - Special Download

I wanted to put a more "slice o' life" entry in between these two downloads, but that isn't going to work. So I'll shut up and just transmit the Information now, and worry about the more "normal" entries later...

There has been a lot of talk about these being the "End Times." Although we're not going to go through a blood-and-thunder production where most all of humanity perishes, and/or is condemned to eternal suffering (insert rolling of eyeballs here), there IS a bit of truth to this assertion.
See, the structures that kept us in place - quite literally in place, as in imprisoned in our own Shadow-houses of fear - are dissolving right before our eyes. The chaos that currently surrounds us is due in large part to the resistance that those who are attached to the "old" paradigms are feeling and expressing as the "new" paradigms are manifesting and allowing for mass Awakenings to what is real: instead of living in Fear, Lack, and Separation, we are now finding that we are actually meant to live in Love, Abundance, and Community...yea, and many of us are taking such steps to DO so! :-)

Starting with the "Triple-10" gate (when the date was 10/10/10), we are now in the place of tying off loose ends, resolving unfinished business, and if you'll pardon a spot of Swahili, choosing whether to shit or get off the pot. Many are choosing to leave the figurative loo altogether at this moment, much to the chagrin (and with much suffering and soul-searching) for those still in said loo - in other words, we're seeing a significant uptick in the number of folks taking their own lives, one way or another. This can be excruciatingly heart-breaking, but do keep one thing in mind: these folks will be back once the dust has settled. They are simply choosing to "opt out" of the Game at this point because they don't think they can hang in till the finish. I don't judge them, and if any should get "stuck," I'll be happy to help them out.

Anyhow, as we're releasing all the old toxic stuff, and clearing the way for new bright stuff to take its place, we've been Holding a Vision for what this new bright stuff is going to look like. (It's nice to go somewhere with an idea of where we're headed, yes?) So, in line with that, comes this little gem which I invite you all to take a look at, and if this deeply resonates with you, join up.
There is a group of scientists that are conducting a "little" experiment based on this theory: if one million people were to Hold the Vision for an Ascended Humanity (my term), for eleven minutes a day, over eleven days, starting at 11/11 (which is this Thursday), the fabric of what we call "reality" might shift to accomodate this Vision. Quantum physics, yo!

Why all the elevens, you ask? To take a whole bunch of esoterica and attempt to summarize and translate: eleven is a significant Power Number. It is often associated with Christ Consciousness; basically, it's a number that's charged with an Uber-Felicitous vibration!
Additionally, and this is a very significant point - by starting this on 11/11/10, we begin to trace a circle that will be completed on 11/11/11...and on that date, to steal a phrase, business will most definitely be picking up!
(I'll spare y'all Information Overload by leaving it at that right now, but I'll detail what I've been advised will happen at a later date. Of course, if you want to know now, feel free to holler back.)

So, to sum: On 11:11 pm (they say Eastern Standard time; I say use your local time to blanket the whole earth in a wave of Vision!), beginning on 11/11 (Thursday), consider for 11 minutes a Vision of Humanity as you believe it can be: peace*full, loving, and living in harmony, with each other and Mother Earth. Do this each day for eleven days (until we hit 11/22). Then let's sit back and see how this plays into the Descent.

I Double-Dog Dare you to come and play! ;-)