Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year of the Micromovement

In the spirit of the season, as the old year is rung out and the new one is rung in, I thought I'd join in on the reflections.

This past year has seemed like I've taken a thousand micromovements in various directions. Sure, there were some major movements in this year-that-is-passing, but they were the exception, rather than the rule. I felt as though I were moving at the pace of the ant, the snail, the turtle - Very Slowly, and with lots of naps in between.

Considering all that was going on within me, though, I don't think I could have moved any faster if I'd wanted to. On my Facebook page, I have an album for the Big Glow retreats that I attended "this" year. I call it Realization. Indeed, that is what has happened to me.
Although I've talked a lot about being a priestess of the world, I micromoved into this role, claiming it and owning it completely, in 2010. Now, I truly AM the Priestess. I am a different woman than I was in January; hell, I'm a different woman than I was at the start of this month! (lol)

To sum, a bit...
The first realignment was complete at the Spring Equinox. I left everything muggle behind and rededicated myself to my Life Purpose, BE-ing the Priestess fully and completely!
The second realignment was complete at the Fall Equinox. I entered the higher frequencies of the "new" reality that is unfolding before us, more and more every day. The differences between who I was and who I am became readily apparent!
The third realignment was complete just after Samhain. Came the dawn of the Seventh (Mayan) day, and I was the anchoring point of a lovely Rainbow of the Goddess! The first steps of my new journey came clear!
The fourth realignment has just been completed, with Mercury going direct again. I seem to have returned to serenity, and awakened from hibernating. I'm still moving slowly, but it's the slowness of the Dreamer shifting back into the place of Wakefulness. I'll be moving more rapidly soon enough!

I don't doubt there will be further realignments, but they're more of a fine-tuning now, instead of an overhaul.

2010 is/was also the year to Work on those Shadows that lay underneath all the rest, bringing them up into my awareness and fully understanding them. I have released what no longer serves me, but find that there's still shadow-material present, after all is said and done...and this is okay. I have come to that place where I don't need to "fix" or "destroy" anything; all that is present is good As It Is, Right Now. After all the Work I have done, that's a lovely feeling indeed!

Ten thousand baby steps later, I turn and see that I've come a very long way.
And the best part is - I've just gotten started. :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

More notes (from the Bear's Cave)

Ah. Finally I feel enough mojo to write again! Thus and so...

This Yuletide has been rather low-key, with a few intense spots scattered here and there...but I've mostly been following the Natural cycle, instead of the human one. I've been feeling my Bear medicine and having a nice Winter's nap - though I have been interrupted now and again. Initially, my reaction is always the same: muttering dark imprecations under my breath before growling, "I'd really like to return to my cave, thank you!" But, I manage to talk myself into playing nice instead of going back into my cave; with a few more grumbles, I get myself up and running (or at least shuffling) into the new day. There is definitely a sense of "I'll worry about that tomorrow" going on right now. As I swim beneath the holiday hoopla, have I finally found acceptance for my life As It Is, or is this a form of apathy? Or maybe somewhat of both? Something to consider over a cup of tea, for sure.

Speaking of wanting to "do it tomorrow," more often than not...I've found the source of some pesky resistance to being an entrepreneur, or at least tooting my horn louder than I have been. I find myself to be the type of artiste who prefers solitude and seclusion, coming out every now and again with something shiny and new, but wanting to be done with the whole "promotional" affair as quickly as possible before returning to my cave and going back to Creating new things. Even better - I'd love to have someone else do the "muggle-work" for me so I wouldn't have to do it! I know there are some Shadows tied to this, so perhaps there's some Work to be done in this arena; there's also a need to cultivate that inner businesswoman who is not afraid to toot her own horn loudly, proudly, and often! Perhaps this will be one of my New Year's resolutions...

The New Year, aye. There's another, semi-selfish reason why I'm hiving off my Wetware posts into a separate blog: They're starting to "take over" this blog. I want this space to be personal, and cozy, and quirky; besides, having sat with the concept for a while, I can see the Wetware blog as being/becoming more business-oriented and professional. I'm not sure if I'll offer my CD on just that blog, or on both blogs, yet...but I'm definitely going to offer my Informational "chicken scribbles" on the other blog. Very soon now, friends!

Perhaps this will get me into the mood: a very juicy event unfolding on New Year's Day in Downtown San Diego. It's called Peace in the Streets. I plan on bringing my drums that day and seeing what magick will unfold. This will then segue very nicely into the first drum circle with my sisters for the year as well! So I will be Drumming in the New Year; maybe the rhythms will carry me forward and inspire me to do some more significant Work! Emphasis on more - I will have a few IRL things to toot my own horn about in the near future, on one or both blogs...

Well, it's just past midnight here and now. So I think I'll put this bear to bed. Gods know when I'll get up tomorrow, especially with an immanent trip to the Moon Lodge on top of everything else! (lol)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the Wetware: a pair of NICE pulses

One significant thing before I jump into the nitty-gritty: Come 2011, these Wetware posts will be their own lovely blog! Not only am I finding this super easy to do, but I'm also finding it necessary, in some ways...
One, I want to present some of this Information in a more "muggle-friendly" format than I've seen other peeps do - not that all the Information isn't lovely, mind you, but if I'm scratching my head and trying to figure out something I've just read, I suspect others are as well! I wanna make this metaphysical stuff easy, ya know? ;-)
Two, I want to add my voice - a woman's voice, a feminist voice - to the chorus of advisors already out there. It goes back to accessibility: I would hope everyone who is seeking advice and Information would get something out of the words they read, and not feel slighted, discriminated against, or left out. If anyone ever feels otherwise, please feel free to drop me a gentle correction! The comment box IS open, and I rarely delete any comments...just the ones from the Spambots.

Now, ready Teddy to rock & roll? Because that's exactly what's just around the corner! I'm going to call them NICE pulses, which is going to stand for "New Intensely Concentrated Energy" pulses. I will grant you, some of them will feel more like Special High Intensity Transformation (you deduce that acronym!), but it'll all be good in the end. Promise. :-)
The first NICE pulse, which has already begun to make itself be felt, officially starts tomorrow (12/12) and lasts until the Solstice (12/21). This one is extra special because of the start and end dates: if you plug these dates into your Numerology decoder, you will find that both dates on the calendar (12/12/2010 & 12/21/2010) become 3-3-3, which, in turn, reduces to 9 both times.
So what?
Well, darling readers, "3" is a very power*full and revered number in just about every spiritual tradition on the planet! Three levels of reality (underworld, surface world, world above) ~ Heaven, Earth, and Human ~ Man, Woman, Child (from a biological standpoint, mind you) ~ and more Holy Trinities than you can shake the Holy 2x4 of Enlightenment at! "3" resonates deeply and profoundly within the human soul; when you triple three - three times three - ohmaigawds does that kick things up another notch, if not into a whole 'nother reality!
Now, remember that we're currently in a Descent phase, especially in the Northern Hemisphere; note as well that Mercury has gone retrograde again (ie - it looks like it's moving "backwards"), which also lends itself to introversion of energies. So the next 10 days or so are going to be Super Intense! Depending on where you are on your journey, it may feel very NICE...or it may feel (ahem) the "Other Way." Regardless, practice of Extreme Self-Care, and/or Connecting with Nature, will be most highly recommended! This will last until the Solstice, and will finish with a BANG, thanks to the lunar eclipse on the Solstice!

Post-Solstice, things will tend to remain still and gentle; this will allow us to catch our breath and rest until Mercury goes direct again at the end of the year. When it does go direct, then we'll have NICE pulse #2 - because for (roughly) the first three weeks in January, every single blessed heavenly body is direct! Nobody will look like they're going backwards! This is one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences, and I'm advised (both in my reading and by my posse) that this is going to be like drinking a six-pack of Red Bull, sans the nasty side-effects! Anything and everything in your life will be if you can hold off on starting any major projects or lifestyle changes, do so. Maybe some of those New Year's Resolutions will stick this time and become New Life Revolutions! Intend it to be SO! :-)

In case I don't post anything more upon this blog, Wetware or otherwise, may you all have a Blessed Holy*Day season, and a Brilliant New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notes from the *New Reality*

Sunset at the beach. (Carlsbad, 6/10)

It has been a lunar year, if you count the moons, since I experienced my Soul Retrieval. I thought it would be the end of all of my Work.
I was wrong...yes, a circle came to a conclusion, but another circle began to be drawn once I left Lady M's place and began the drive back home.
In this past year, I have dealt with Shadows that I'd only briefly addressed before - Shadows having to do with shining fully in my Authentic Light, with loving deeply, even with being a woman in this go-around. I have felt my soul contract into a tight shell, only to expand outward again, blooming wider and more brilliantly than the last time.

I have come to understand my "Little Ones" more fully - these feelings that arise when I feel small and scared and separate. More - I have come to the place where I no longer need to "change" or "fix" them; all I need to do is love them. All I need to do is hold them in my arms and whisper to them, It's all going to be okay. Mommy promises.
For when I am feeling contracted, I ask myself how old I am. Usually I find that I'm seven or eight, sometimes a bit older, now and again a bit younger. That's what the ego truly is, you see...a small child who dwells within us, who gets scared and acts out of fear from time to time. What is needed is not to destroy it or bypass it or get rid of it; what is needed is to LOVE it, completely and unconditionally! How brilliant would we be as humans if our egos were unafraid to live and play with one another?
My higher self, my wise woman within - she is "Mommy." Sometimes she needs to be firm; other times, it's just about loving and delighting along with the "Little Ones" at life's miracles. We truly are Divinity Incarnate; the Divine spark within is our Parent. We are the parent and the child in one. Delicious.

Blooming anew, in the New. (Encinitas, 5/10)

And I find myself now living in a vast spacious place, where things can and DO manifest for me instantly. In this place, I can feel so much more than I used to, when science was my "religion" and things like empathy and energy-work and vibrations would have been viewed with much skepticism! ;-)
I abide in a much higher frequency these days...and I can feel when something is a much lower frequency. Certain places, certain situations, I have felt myself recoil and needing to protect myself from the lower, "icky" vibes! Certain foods remind me why I've changed my eating habits so radically when I encounter them again - and confirm for me that they need to stay changed!

I am learning to say "thank you" readily and often. I am learning that I don't always have to be neat and tidy in sharing my journey with the world. I know that I am not the same person who drove south to a sister shamanka's house a year ago...yet I recognize the part deep within me that remains steady and constant, regardless of what happens to my body, my soul, my life.
Speaking of my body, I finally have another number that identifies and confirms this "new" self I'm walking around in: ten. As in size 10 for jeans! Color me gobsmacked and over the moon! :-D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grand Envisioning

So how were the eleven days for you? You know, the "little" experiment from 11/11 to 11/22 this year, where we all combined our Visions to produce a great bit YES! for this wacky tribe of apes who call themselves human beings? Anything interesting happen?

I found myself once again with my usual co-conspirators, the Stone People. My "instructions" were to take a stone from various power spots in the North County and weave a bit of a web with them, to anchor the (present and future) incoming energies so peeps would get an optimum benefit.
Okey dokey, no problem!

I took some pix along the way, and will also show you where the anchor points are. To begin:
The initial two stones came from...
the labyrinth at Questhaven. The energies were really flowing that day as well, since it was at the start of the cycle.
I had intended to visit the labyrinth on the 11th itself, but a scheduling conflict pushed me out to the 12th. No worries; I just unglued myself and traveled back in time 24 hours to connect with the 11/11 energies! HA!

The lighter colored stone (top of the pair) found its way to...
the altar of St. Francis of Assisi at the SRF Meditation Gardens.

They also have a lovely koi pond...
where I found a dark stone to take with me, viz:

Said dark stone (at the top, with the red & orange), went to...
Queen Califia's Magical Circle in Kit Carson Park, where it switched places with another, lighter rock.
That was a bit of a challenge.
See, there are enclosed places within the circle where there are trees growing; in one of those little nooks were two stones. One was ready to come with, the other just wanted to get out of the nook entirely and "go somewhere, anywhere, else!" Fortunately, the walls of the nooks are just about as high as my arms are long, once I get on the bench that juts out from the nook and reach over! (I sympathize with the Stone People - they have a devil of a time getting from point A to point B on their own, and rely a LOT on someone or something to assist them!)
Anyway, the larger rock was completely happy to be beside the one tree that was not enclosed in the sculpture garden; the smaller rock (seen in the top of the above pic) accompanied me to the various "power points" in the park itself, which were completely lovely to visit, frisbee golfers notwithstanding! (lol)

A few days later, the rocks and I visited the coast...
at Tamarack Point Beach in Carlsbad.
This is a teeny strip of a beach sandwiched in between two much longer unbroken stretches. (I used to visit this beach often, when I worked in Carlsbad in the late 90's and early "aught's." I realized I hadn't been back to visit in five years!)
There's a lot more sand at this particular beach than there used to be; so much that many of the rocks were deeply buried. After some exploring, following my nose, and a bit of digging, I found the rock that was to journey to Questhaven's labyrinth in return:
I knew the dark rock at the top was coming back with me the moment my fingers touched it, some half-foot deep beneath the sand...

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the bottom stone in all four pix stays the same. Correct! That stone turned out to be my "anchor" stone, which journeyed with me to all four locations. I initially thought she would be returned to the labyrinth at Questhaven when I was done; the night before I returned, though, she informed me that she would be staying with me. She will go into my main, personal juju bundle come the new moon in about a week and a half. :-)

That wasn't all that I did, but that's what I took pictures of.
Every night during the eleven nights, I joined my intention with the intention of others. I didn't always make it at 11:11pm, but I "uploaded" my energy every night, the stones in my hands. I contributed Love, Enthusiasm, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Miracles, Awakening, Understanding, Courage, Freedom, and Communion over the period of Envisioning - and not necessarily in this order. Each night, I ended with this chant:
I am resuscitated by the Living Air.
I am animated by the Immutable Fire.
I am full*filled by the Living Water.
I am supported by the Ever-Changing Earth.
I draw down the Timeless Knowledge of the Star-Nations.
I bring up the Ancient Wisdom of the Ancestors.
I allow these energies to enter into me~to mix within me~to merge at my Center.
From this place and time, my Light shines Bright in the Darkness!

The words came to me during my initial visit at Questhaven, and were used during the Envisioning. My Work complete in this moment, I share them with all who read this blog.

The Work that we do has the Power to Change Every*thing. Choose Wisely!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From the Wetware - Special Download

I wanted to put a more "slice o' life" entry in between these two downloads, but that isn't going to work. So I'll shut up and just transmit the Information now, and worry about the more "normal" entries later...

There has been a lot of talk about these being the "End Times." Although we're not going to go through a blood-and-thunder production where most all of humanity perishes, and/or is condemned to eternal suffering (insert rolling of eyeballs here), there IS a bit of truth to this assertion.
See, the structures that kept us in place - quite literally in place, as in imprisoned in our own Shadow-houses of fear - are dissolving right before our eyes. The chaos that currently surrounds us is due in large part to the resistance that those who are attached to the "old" paradigms are feeling and expressing as the "new" paradigms are manifesting and allowing for mass Awakenings to what is real: instead of living in Fear, Lack, and Separation, we are now finding that we are actually meant to live in Love, Abundance, and Community...yea, and many of us are taking such steps to DO so! :-)

Starting with the "Triple-10" gate (when the date was 10/10/10), we are now in the place of tying off loose ends, resolving unfinished business, and if you'll pardon a spot of Swahili, choosing whether to shit or get off the pot. Many are choosing to leave the figurative loo altogether at this moment, much to the chagrin (and with much suffering and soul-searching) for those still in said loo - in other words, we're seeing a significant uptick in the number of folks taking their own lives, one way or another. This can be excruciatingly heart-breaking, but do keep one thing in mind: these folks will be back once the dust has settled. They are simply choosing to "opt out" of the Game at this point because they don't think they can hang in till the finish. I don't judge them, and if any should get "stuck," I'll be happy to help them out.

Anyhow, as we're releasing all the old toxic stuff, and clearing the way for new bright stuff to take its place, we've been Holding a Vision for what this new bright stuff is going to look like. (It's nice to go somewhere with an idea of where we're headed, yes?) So, in line with that, comes this little gem which I invite you all to take a look at, and if this deeply resonates with you, join up.
There is a group of scientists that are conducting a "little" experiment based on this theory: if one million people were to Hold the Vision for an Ascended Humanity (my term), for eleven minutes a day, over eleven days, starting at 11/11 (which is this Thursday), the fabric of what we call "reality" might shift to accomodate this Vision. Quantum physics, yo!

Why all the elevens, you ask? To take a whole bunch of esoterica and attempt to summarize and translate: eleven is a significant Power Number. It is often associated with Christ Consciousness; basically, it's a number that's charged with an Uber-Felicitous vibration!
Additionally, and this is a very significant point - by starting this on 11/11/10, we begin to trace a circle that will be completed on 11/11/11...and on that date, to steal a phrase, business will most definitely be picking up!
(I'll spare y'all Information Overload by leaving it at that right now, but I'll detail what I've been advised will happen at a later date. Of course, if you want to know now, feel free to holler back.)

So, to sum: On 11:11 pm (they say Eastern Standard time; I say use your local time to blanket the whole earth in a wave of Vision!), beginning on 11/11 (Thursday), consider for 11 minutes a Vision of Humanity as you believe it can be: peace*full, loving, and living in harmony, with each other and Mother Earth. Do this each day for eleven days (until we hit 11/22). Then let's sit back and see how this plays into the Descent.

I Double-Dog Dare you to come and play! ;-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

From the Wetware: "Descent 101"

Before I jump into the topic du jour, I wanted to share a smidge from my experiences last weekend...
Remember how I mentioned that the weekend of the full moon would by the time of Planting the Vision that we've been carefully cultivating (consciously or no) this past year? Turns out I did some excellent "seed-planting" during a kirtan, of all things, on ze coast. For those who don't know, a kirtan is an event where people gather and do some devotional chanting in Sanskrit, to one or more Hindu deities. Hey, takes all flavors to spice up ze soup, right?
I should've known something was brewing when I began to spin just before the actual chanting began, but the shift into an altered state and doing the energy-weaving during the chants took me by surprise. There were four, maybe five chants total during the first half of the kirtan - so I planted four or five "seeds," manipulating the energetic currents at chest level, then grounding each "seed" into the Earth. My inner scientist was most fascinated by the whole process.
The second half of the kirtan was spent returning the majority of my awareness back into this reality. See, not only did I have to drive home, but I needed to be the lead in a mini-caravan, and I needed to be completely re-centered! I managed to get home just fine; making a return trip to the coast the next day, though, proved to be a rather interesting experience! And why do I keep thinking this Work that I do won't affect me directly? (LOL)

Now to our topic: everything you need to know about the upcoming Descent.
First off - this is NOT something bad or scary or undesirable. Let's toss that idea out the window right now. When Descent energies are present, it simply means that if you've been acting in an extroverted fashion, you will be encouraged to shift your personal vibration into more of an introverted and introspective frequency. If you're already introverted by nature, these feelings may become more intense. For the next six weeks, give or take, this is going to be a significant time of soul-searching, navel-gazing, and consideration of Why You're Here and What You're Meant to Do...for many of you, but not for all of you.

Depending on where you are in your personal journeys of spirit, this may also or instead be a time of significant cleansing, clearing, and purification. Old fears and ignored Shadows will rise into your awareness, to be dealt with NOW, please!
Northern Hemisphere residents will (probably) find that Winter's stillness makes this a more subtle and "quieter" process; Southern Hemisphere residents will (probably) find this process more dynamic and "messy" because of Summer's active energies.
Yea, even though the Descent concept is associated with the colder, quieter months of Winter, it looks like this event is going to be global, judging by the activities seen unfolding on the TV, along with the messages being downloaded from the Star-Nations. A keyword through the near future is going to be Intensity. Put simply, if you're at the stage for it, shit will hit the fan. Get your hip-waders and breathing masks ready.

If you've already done the Work, this is going to be your opportunity to Hold Space for other folks as they do their Underworld journeys. This may be as simple as visualizing serenity and "aha!" moments for the world and/or for your community, or as involved as actually having one of your BFF's stay with you for a while until s/he gets back on his/her feet.
There will be an opportunity in November to do a massive space-holding and seed fertilization if you're in a place to do so; I will post more info about that shortly (likely after Samhain).
As mentioned previously, we should feel the Descent energies lighten up starting around Yule, and definitely by Christmas. All indications so far are that the New Year will be kicked off with a BANG - and a good one at that! :-)

As further assistance for what the Descent entails, let me expand a bit on the archetypes I introduced earlier. (drawings courtesy of Getty Images)Inanna is the Sumerian "Queen of Heaven." She descended into the Underworld to visit Her sister Erishkigal (although some say She went to search for Her lover, Tammuz). On Her journey, She was forced to relinquish a part of Her material garb at each gate, so that She arrived at the final gate (literally) stripped of everything that marked Her as a queen; while in the Underworld, she experienced the Death Mysteries.

Persephone is the Greek Queen of the Underworld. The traditional mythology has Her abducted and forcibly married to Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. However, Her story is being rewritten in certain circles - She descends to the Underworld by choice, to see if She can alleviate the suffering of the souls trapped there. She chooses to eat the pomegranate seeds so She can return each Winter to Her dark realm, to help the souls on their journey to rebirth.

If you'd like some more info about either Goddess, go Google 'em. This way I encourage you to do a bit of your own learning. ;-)

The other keyword through this time of Descent is going to be Compassion, for yourself and for those who are going through more intense portions of the journey. Know when to engage the Shadows, when to nurture yourself, and when to hold space for others. Listen to your intuition. Follow your heart through the dark times, and you will find yourself in the light of the dawning New Year once more. This, I know; this, I promise. Catch y'all on the flip side... :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting rather "political" with purple thoughts...

{Disclaimer: now and again I'm going to comment on what's going on in the greater world. This is a "political post" and I'm expressing my opinion. This is my opinion only; agree or not as you choose. Be advised as well that while disagreement is perfectly expected and acceptable, venemous responses will be deleted. Now, onto the post.}

Rocking the purple from head to toe. (@home, 10/10)

Today has many different names, but the theme behind these names is the same: bullying, especially homophobic bullying, is Not Acceptable anymore in this day and age. Many are wearing purple today to support those who don't fit into the hetero mold; I would be one of the purple people.
Now I'm going to take this issue and raise the controversy level several notches... ;-)

A lot of attention has been focused on those who have been bullied, and rightly so. But what about those who are doing the bullying? This side of the equation also needs to be looked at, folks!
A bully acts out from fear, pure and simple - the fear that is roiling about in the bully's soul like a stormy sea. Where does this fear come from?
In many cases, the bully's home life is chaotic...perhaps from divorce, or from parents who are addicted to various substances, or from an abusive family member. In this case, the bully is so stuck in fear that s/he projects this fear onto others as a coping mechanism. "If I'm miserable, I'm going to make everyone around me miserable too, so I won't be alone anymore," goes this thought. In this instance, bullying is actually a cry for help; the bully is looking for safety and security.
In many other cases, though, the bully is carrying the fear of his/her parents and parroting their beliefs. Prejudice, Judgment, Hate, Malice...these are some of the sentiments that can be handed down from parent to child as easily as a lamp, a bag of marbles, or anything else that can be called an "heirloom." Here, the bully needs to be shown that the beliefs they've been given aren't the be-all and end-all in the world; this happens through education.
Now, I'm not saying bullies shouldn't be punished for their actions; if they break rules and/or laws, they need to face the consequences and be held accountable. However, perhaps we can show a little less Judgment and a little more Compassion in our dealings with bullies, as we already do with the victim/s of bullying.

Now for the meat in the enchilada...
These episodes of homophobic bullying dovetail with the controversy over "Don't ask, don't tell" in the military, the issue of gay marriage, and half a dozen other things I could come up with if I took a moment and skimmed the news. The point is - the old paradigm of "boy + girl" is being blown up and revised to its simplest denominator: Love Between Two Souls. The reason that this is twisting a lot of knickers around the world is very all boils down to sex.
It's time to quit pussyfooting around the issue and name the paradigm that's driven what we call "civilization" for several thousand years: If you control the sexual activity, you control the tribe. This is why humanity shifted from matrilineal inheritance (what you got depended on who your mother was) to patrilineal inheritance (what you get depends on who your father is). This is the reason that birth control and women's reproductive freedom is opposed by certain significant groups. This is why the sacred aspects of sexuality are ignored at best, and censored at worst. This is the source of so many of the "double-standards" that govern men's vs. women's behavior, appearance, and so forth.
This is also why there's homophobia in the first see, "queer" sexuality is actually the mark of one who has been "touched by the gods" in many indigenous tribes. The "queer" individuals in the tribe were often the shamans of the tribe - and competition for those who were/are looking to control the masses! Any behavior that is regarded "outside the norm" is thus regarded as a threat to the dominant power structure; those in power will use every means at their disposal, including violence and the threat of violence, to stay in control.

It's time to call the bluff of the old paradigms that are dying right now. It's time to look beyond the fear-mongers and stand strong in Authenticity. It's time to meet Fear with Love - for Love cannot be stopped or destroyed. It's time to tell the power-over dominators what they can do with their illusions.
It's time to wake up and unplug...NOW.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

...going on eleven ;-)

Eleven years ago on this day, I self-dedicated and began to walk the path of Wicca.
I would have done it on my actual birthday, but we were in the midst of trying to sell the house we were living in at the time, and the scheduling didn't work out. So the day after my birthday became my "rebirth-day." Although I wouldn't have said so at the time, now I consider this to be the day I was reborn, the day I stopped merely sampling alternative, non-muggle thinking and chose to embrace "the road less traveled" fully and completely. Shortly after this ceremony - three months, to be exact - my Wiccan mentor would appear in my life and I would be off and running!

I often wonder, had I known beforehand that everything in my life would be turned upside down, vigorously shaken, and run through the spin cycle before I would be set back upon my feet again...would I have made the same choice? I would like to think so, but I'm not entirely sure, truth be told! Do I regret anything about this journey? Absolutely NOT - not even the very intensely uncomfortable and highly charged moments! Am I the same person I was when I started? That one is a bit more challenging to answer...

I have changed in so many ways in the last eleven years. Very little surprises me these days. I am much more accepting of life As It Is, and as it is presented to me. I have looked every Shadow-aspect of myself in the eye; those that did not change their form have been evicted from my being. And the pace of Change has accelerated - just what has shifted in the last year or so alone makes my head spin!
Yet the woman who can watch a hammerhead shark for hours on end is still here. The woman who loves cats above almost all other animals is still here. The woman who enjoys chocolate is still here. The woman who smiles at rainbows, resolves to walk more often by the sea, and gets annoyed with sleepwalking idiots every now and again...she's still here. I am that woman; perhaps I've just gotten rid of everything that I am NOT so that I have more room to hold everything that I AM.
Part of this "ridding" process has been physical. I recently found a working scale and weighed myself; the numbers confirmed the dramatic releasing that my clothes have been showing me all along. In a bit less than two years, I have shed 43 pounds, give or take. I actually cried when I saw the weight I am now at...for I hadn't been in this neighborhood of weight since middle school, when I descended into the Deepest Pit of Hell that can be manifested on this earth. In a sense, the numbers showed me that I had come all the way back from that place - that ALL the suffering before my (initial) Awakening, and ALL of the Work that I'd done after my (initial) Awakening, had been SO worth it. The journey has not been in vain, after all.

Now, on this natal weekend, I find myself walking between the worlds, in a sense. Karen Bishop, and several other folks who are dialed into the various Star-Nations, have advised that there is a "new" reality arising from the "old" reality, and that this "new" reality is very vast and very empty, for it is waiting for others to arrive and for consensual co-creation to begin. They further advise that there is a distinct difference between the two states of existence, and what worked in the "old" reality won't necessarily work in the "new" reality.
As of the Fall Equinox, I have realized that I am inhabiting this "new" reality. I've had a few experiences recently where I've visited the "old" reality, shall we say, and I can feel the difference in my bones! This "new" reality truly does feel vast and relatively empty...and I am looking forward to see what all manifests!
I just have to practice being patient, and perhaps get a wee bit of assistance in finding my ambition, especially as the weather cools in these Pre-Winter weeks. ;-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

thirty-nine "authenticities"

In no particular order, here are thirty-nine things that make me feel totally Authentic - one for each year I have been walking upon Mother Earth's bosom in this go-round...

~Dark chocolate anything ;-)

~Losing myself in Creation, particularly collaging or writing
"Self-portrait." Revised 2001

~The scent of roses in full bloom

~Hammerhead sharks

~A cat sleeping upon my belly. These days, the cat looks like this:
Princess Joey. 15 and still spry! :-)

~The scent of vanilla

~Rainbows streaking across the sky
The original "eye candy." (Northern CA, 1/09)

~Adventures near and far, big and small

~Walking in Nature
Deer Springs Trail @ Questhaven (2/10)

~Everything Japanese
Someday the English translation won't be necessary! (Vista, 7/10)

~Eating food that enlightens me from the inside out :-)

~Long baths by candlelight

~Staying in touch with distant friends through the magic of the Internet :-)

~Gathering together with my Family of Choice

~Appreciating art created by othersSculpture by Niki de San Phalle. (Balboa Park, 7/09)

~Being the High Priestess in ServiceThe Brun'gavoda.

~Communing/Working with the Stone People
A "Mystery Stone" that insisted I take it home. (8/10)

~Photographing the Beauty all around me, as if seeing it for the first time
"Independent Spirit" (Encinitas, 5/10)

~Blowing bubbles, indoors or out

~Having inordinate amounts of fun with bubble wrap

~Letting my "Inside Child" out to play :-)"You WEEL respect my authori-tay!"
(Northern CA, 10/10. This photo by Teddybear-N)

~Laughing hysterically in rounds of "Mad Libs"

~Watching sunsets
Bidding the "old year" adieu. (Carlsbad, 8/10)

~Howling at the Moon
One just past full. (Escondido, 9/09)

~The scent of lavender

~Blackberry Sorbet, my new fave.

~Trader Joe's: they make being a "conscious foodie" so much FUN! (no, they're not paying me to give a shout out for them. I'm doing this because I think they're the Bomb Diggety!)

~Having fun with words in the English (and other) languages

~Reading books that inspire me. This author has written some gems.

~Cooking dinners for myself

~Sipping fine tea

~Experimenting with new taste combos. (The latest: brown rice pasta w/kale salad and a touch of balsamic dressing. YUM!) :-q

~Moving my body through yoga, whether just a tiny snippet or a full routine

~Visiting the ocean
The Ultimate Relaxation Destination (Encinitas, 9/09)

~Making "number-one good juju bundles," for various purposes
"Yemaya's bundle" for the Oil fiasco in the Gulf. (Encinitas, 7/10)

~Warm sunny days

~Wearing all-cotton clothes. If the cotton is organic, that's a bonus :-)

~Being open to receiving Nature's gifts for meFeathers, shells, a stone...freely given, gratefully accepted (Encinitas, 9/09)

~Cherishing the deep friendships present in my life, especially this one (aka, "saving the best for last.") ;-)

So many things to encourage my light to shine - and the whole becomes FAR greater than the sum of its parts. I carry the Infinite Divine within me, this day and all my days...

Friday, October 8, 2010

From the Wetware: Planting & the Descent

Is it just me or is anyone else suddenly feeling that the mojo of the Universe has been kicked up a notch? Not just me? Cool.

The new moon yesterday seems to have opened the door for a very power*full pulse of energy to sweep through this World of Form and shake up quite a few things! This arrives just after I had a most excellent retreat experience with my Home Tribe! It's totally interesting, feeling the actual pulses as they come and go...every cell in my body suddenly begins to tingle at once! All I can do at this point is surrender - and sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. Winter isn't even here yet and I feel like I've begun to hibernate!

I've been advised by my Spiritual Posse that this shift will reach its culmination on Sunday, when the 10/10/10 gate opens up. This gate is something of an interim point: we are completing the anchoring of the energies that begun with 9/9/09 last year, and starting to receive the energies in earnest leading up to 11/11/11, the start of what I've been told will be the "Diamond Year" and also (unless my posse is very misinformed) the beginning of our trip over the Galactic Core. In other words - this party is only getting started; y'all ain't seen nothing yet! ;-)

At this point, the numerologists will speak up..."Darling, the Triple-10 gate actually opened in 2008; why are people making such a big deal out of it now?" Let me explain: Yes, the date two years ago added up "perfectly" to 10/10/10. The frequencies associated with that gate began to manifest in the World of Form, aka this material plane we're frolicking in/upon. These frequencies complete their manifestation with the "mundane" 10/10/10, which occurs in two days. Their full effect will then be felt in the World of Form. Got it? If so, good. If not, sit with it for a bit, and if it still doesn't make any sense, holler back.

The time between the Triple-10 gate and the full moon is a time of preparation for a pair of events. Come the full moon, we finally get the opportunity to take this Vision we've been cultivating - personal and collective - and plant it. At the full moon, we are all being invited to take the Vision and ground it into the World of Form, digging deep into the soil of Mother Earth and dropping in the seeds. What this looks like for you may differ from what this looks like for me, but it's all good. The point is: Anchor the Energy at the Full Moon, either by yourself or with your group. (The full moon this month will be around the 23rd; any time between 10/22 and 10/24 will be good for ceremony. If you don't have a clue as to how to do this, I'll bet there will be something in your immediate surroundings that will invite you to participate.)

This Planting of the Vision is going to be very important, because there is going to be a third cosmic event this year, beginning right around Samhain/Halloween and going just past Christmas. When I read about this at the start of the year, one word passed through my mind: Descent.
Think of the stories of Persephone and Inanna. These are two Goddesses who undertook journeys to the Underworld; their absence from the surface world is the original explanation for the season of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). Both Goddesses descended to the Underworld. Both obtained great Wisdom during their sojourns on "the Other Side." Both returned to the World Above to share this Wisdom and bring forth renewal of Life and Light.

What that means for us: It looks (to me) like humanity is in for a Collective Descent. Shadows are going to be brought forth into awareness en masse, to be identified as illusion and purged from the Collective Consciousness. Things are going to appear to get worse before they get better; keep this in the back of your mind and realize that much of the Grand Illusion is going to appear before your eyes. Remember that the "doom and gloom" reports are only a part of this Illusion and that they will dissolve in the light of day, by the Winter Solstice at the very latest!
In fact, the time between the Winter Solstice and Christmas will bring in a major influx of Light Energies that will serve to dispel any and all lingering "Shadow-Muck" that doesn't dissolve during this final cosmic surge.
Come the new year, whether you start it from Yule or on January 1, you'll begin to see the first shoots of the Vision begin to break through the surface, in fact. :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Second Harvest - PHWAR!

Full Moon + Equinox = Liftoff! (Carlsbad, 8/10)

So I really was intending to blog a few days ago to discuss the Second Harvest, which falls at the Fall Equinox, aka Mabon, in the Northern Hemisphere. I was going to talk about giving thanks for all of the abundance in your life and holding that vibration of gratitude as we move forward.
The Universe had other ideas.

As the moon waxed to full at just about the same time we hit the midpoint of Autumn, I got a huge download of energy in my life. Physically, it felt like I drank a six-pack of Red Bull; I was humming on all cylinders and feeling uber-enthusiastic about Life, the Universe, and Everything again, even with a rare bout of insomnia thrown in for variety! This was especially refreshing after the major heavy lifting I'd been doing in my soul and in the Astral planes, clearing out some very deeply held "muggle-muck" from my system, and from the Collective as well, if my suspicions are correct.
In my environs, I transformed into the Decluttering Diva, tackling first my bathroom, then the kitchen! I have yet to go underneath the kitchen sink (can we say "hazardous waste dump," boys and girls?!) but those areas that have been decluttered and reorganized look and feel much better - the chi is beginning to flow nicely! :-)
As for the wider world at large, I suddenly found myself with not one but TWO job interviews on the same day! (Yes, I am still doing something of a job search, mainly to keep mother from yelling at me. Do me a favor and don't tell her, 'mkay?) I made both of those interviews and will see what, if anything, comes of them. On the metaphysical front, I'm way more excited about giving out my first two intuitive readings over Skype this past week! They will be the first of many as I raise my profile in the world, I'm sure!

Looking back, it's been six months since I left the muggle-job world for the second time. It occurred to me as I was summing up the time that had passed between harvests that this time has been, overall, low-key. Sure, there's been movement and excitement and lovely things happening in my life between the Equinoxes, but it feels like I was detached in certain ways.
I was stepping out of the "reality" that is commonly agreed upon and into the wider space of What Truly Is. In doing so, there were certain long-held Shadows that had to be realized, assimilated, and transcended...for they would no longer fit within me in this new space that I was/am coming to inhabit more and more fully. (I just read back what I've typed and the only thing I can say is, "Whoa!" Instant channeling - COOL!)

So, yeah - this is the second of the three Harvests. This is usually the most jovial of the Harvest celebrations, because we are basking in the Bounty of the Great Mother that we are taking in, and awestruck at just at How Much we truly have! Give Thanks for your personal bounty (and yes, there are positive things that are bounty*full in your life!) and hold that vibe of Gratitude first and foremost in your awareness for the next little while. Eventually you might surprise yourself by being able to hold it every day. You never know...

And if we're indeed all interconnected on very deep levels, then I will simply advise against putting too much stock in the plans you make - for your day/week, for your future, for your life overall. I say this because: since the new moon earlier this month, most, if not all, of the plans I've made in my life have been tossed out the window, over and over again, in favor of experiencing what is unfolding within & before me "in this very moment."
Fortunately I have very cool friends who understand the concepts of flexibility and fluidity - and if they don't, they're keeping their own counsel. ;-)
Ergo, if I'm getting a "parameter revision" to be less structured and more free-form in my life, odds are there's at least one other person also receiving this "revision." If said person is reading these words...hello, friend. No worries; we're all swirling in the soup together, as a very wise woman once said.

Friday, September 17, 2010

three "p-words"

No, these are not going to be words that would get your mouth washed out with soap if your mom or dad heard you say them.
I'll introduce you to two of these three words right now: Procrastination and Perfection.

I have joked off and on about being a "recovering perfectionist," but it appears it's been no joke. These two things have been holding me back - a realization that's come fully into my awareness with this lunation, when I was all ready for Go-Time to help me take off...and I find myself still sputtering along, by and large.

To paraphrase the wise and wonderful SARK, who has such excellent descriptions of these two Shadows: Procrastination says "Not Now" and Perfection says "Not Yet." Procrastination has been following Perfection's lead like a good little Shadow, very eager and supportive.
Perfection has been whispering in my ear, You need to wait until you've left home. You need to wait until this event (or that event) has unfolded. You need to wait until all of your Shadow-stuff has been Resolved. You need to wait until all of your talents have been fully realized.
Darling Shadow, if I keep waiting for the "perfect whatever," I will be perfectly DEAD, and kicking myself in the Afterlife for Not Acting when I had the perfect opportunity - while I still drew breath into my denser flesh-body!

When I brought this up, I was shown their motivation, which is the third "p-word" that is relevant to this moment: Protection. This is something I'm very familiar with, having done some rather interesting things (in various lifetimes besides this one!) out of a heightened need for what could be called "Self-Preservation."
This pair of Shadows simply wants to protect me from all things that might be considered "bad," such as failure, humiliation, lawsuits, and (gods forfend!) assaults upon my person. Um, darlings, I'm not stupid, for one...and I run Dragon energy, for another. I think I know a thing or two about defending myself from various forms of assault!
I do, however, appreciate their concern. This also proves one of Debbie Ford's excellent points: Shadows are often protective mechanisms that have run amok, and need to be revised (at least) or dismantled (at most). I think I'm somewhere in the middle with these two.

They mean well - but at some point, I need to "risk" failure if I'm to gain success. Time for this snake to shed her skin, and release these Shadows... :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From the Wetware: Optimizing GO-Time!

Window into the future as it begins to manifest into the present. (Northern CA, 1/09)

Talking with soul-siblings over the past few days, we're all in agreement that something BIG is on the horizon; various articles I've read, along with a few news items that have blipped on my personal radar screen, confirm this feeling.
Guess what?
Go-Time starts TODAY!

From the new moon (9/8) to the full moon (9/23 or so), there is a huge energetic pulse enfolding us. This is what normally happens every year on the way to the Equinox, which in some parts of the world will be occurring on the exact same day as the full moon! Oh yeah...Shift is Happening!
The advice I'm receiving about this fortnight of activity - Be Mindful of what you're asking for, and Be Specific as well!

You've heard the expressions, "Be careful what you wish for, because you're going to get it," and "Energy flows where Attention goes," yes? These are going to be your guideposts. Examine your thoughts, your wishes, your desires with a microscope to make sure you're in total alignment with your Full Authentic Power! This is a time where the gap between Intention and Manifestation is going to be very small, if extant at all! :-o
Now, remember when I said Mercury Retrograde was a good time to revise your Master Plan? This is the time to roll it out. As you do, be specific. Be active. Be current. Be positive. Dream not just big, but uber-gigantic!
If you like to use metaphors: get out your favorite color of balloon tonight. Blow into it a little bit every day for the next two weeks. At the full moon/Equinox, let the balloon go into the Universe, totally confident that your dreams are manifesting even now, as you read this! HUZZAH! :-)

In case you're curious, I'll be fine-tuning my energies during this time, cultivating the lotus of Feminine Energy as she continues to bloom within me and erasing a few remaining vestiges of resistance that I've found within me, still clinging stubbornly like barnacles on a rock within my physical being...
What shall we co-create today, hmmm? :-D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

me too...

"Reversing the Tide." (Encinitas, 7/10)
The flower above is a metaphor. Normally, they bloom very black; however, I can "choose" what color the flower within me is going to bloom...

I'm not just dipping my hand into the energetic pools that underpin the Universe and telling y'all how the water tastes. I drink these handfuls and do the Work alongside everyone as well.

This Mercury Retrograde tapped me on the shoulder and brought something to my attention: there has been one Shadow following me around on tiptoe since 2002. I've called it different things over the Kundalini Hunger. Sacred Fire. Receiving Love Generously. Awaiting my Beloved. After all, I was born a Woman, and I have the same dreams and desires (and doubts) that every other woman possesses, whether or not we choose to admit that we're carrying them!
It's not just about entering Right Relationship, though. It's also about recognizing and honoring my softer, more gentle feminine side. More, still - I need to give her the space she's been craving to breathe and move and dance, to express herself openly, boldly, and In Public! :-o
She has come up with every other Shadow I've worked with in my curious, intense, and miraculous process of Spiritual Alchemy, but until this waning moon, I've never fully resolved her.
"We shall lift each other up." (Balboa Park, 7/09)

It's taken finding my home tribe, and allowing myself to be supported by their Unconditional Acceptance. It's taken shifting my shape, dropping a crazy-good amount of weight and letting go of stuff like sugar and gluten and dairy once and for all. It's taken the full real-I-zation of my Authentic Power in the safe space that is co-created through true heart-centered community.

When I went into the Moon Lodge this past week(ish) and began to bleed, I dove in. I dove deep.
In the heart of Darkness, I raised this Shadow into the light of my full Awareness. I saw where I was stuck and I allowed her to Speak True...and there was an adjustment. I felt it in my body, the release of sticking tensions, a realignment and relaxation of lower-chakra energies.
Tossing the labels of "masculine" and "feminine" out the window, I simply asked for Authenticity - and I got it.
I. Got. It.
The gentle lotus of yin has bloomed within me, and the fragrance is exquisitely sweet!
Welcome Home. (Encinitas, 7/10)

The rest, as the moon wanes and renews, is weaving this energy in with all my other threads, and finding a new balance point.
The rest, as Mercury returns to a direct journey through the stars, is to find new ways of expressing this femininity outwardly. Let me see...bright colors slightly outside my usual palette, swirling skirts, and a pink cowgirl hat that "clashes" with everything else I own. These sound like good starting points.
Or maybe I'll pair that brown tank top that frills down at the edges with my new brown leggings and don a pair of pixie-wings... ;-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the Wetware: dotting i's and crossing t's

Collage-art I created for "Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles." Circa 2006...?

Hola, faithful readers - time for another channel "from the wetware." (hm, maybe I should make a blog about this, especially if this becomes a regular thing. Sitting with this possibility...)

Are we having fun yet? ;-)
Yes, I'm asking that question with tongue firmly in cheek.
Depending on where you are in your (spiritual) journey, you're feeling stuff moving in, moving out, moving up, moving down, or moving all over the bloody map so much, you have no idea which way is forward!
Well, I can say this for sure: all is unfolding according to the plan you (yes, YOU!) mapped out before incarnating in this place and time you find yourself in. So no worries on that front.

Still not convinced? I don't blame you. There have been times along the way when I've been in prayer and muttered to myself, "You're kidding, Great Mother - right?" Then I've heard Her laugh, which had led me to mutter dark imprecations under my breath...but I digress.

I can, however, reveal this: everything that's moving will probably slow way down, if not stop completely, starting the day after tomorrow, for a few weeks. The reason can be summed up in two words: Mercury Retrograde.
For those totally new to the astrological viewpoint - no, this isn't the 2011 model coming out. (If I remember correctly, the decision has been made to stop making Mercury-brand cars altogether. Oops, digressing again!) What this means...3-4 times every year, the "teeny" planet Mercury (teeny in comparison to the other planets, that is!) looks like it's going backwards in the sky for about three weeks, give or take. Then it begins to move "forward" (aka direct) again.

In metaphysics, this translates into communications tending to go haywire, as Mercury was the Roman God of Messages and Communication. Now, while there has been much hoo-ha (my very scientific term - lol) thrown around about the Mercury Retrograde periods, this is, in truth, a lovely opportunity for a cosmic check-in with/in your*self.
Take a little downtime and take inventory of everything in your life: is everything going smoothly? Is it all a honking big mess? What can be done at this time to set things aright - knowing that implementing any course changes will abide until Mercury is going direct among the stars.

Next: from following other peeps' metaphysical e-letters & postings, I've seen over and over again that the "theme" for this year has been Holding the Vision. This can be a small vision, like purchasing that new car - or it can be a big vision, like Harmonious World Community...or somewhere in between.
The point is, we the Lightworkers especially have been holding the vision for the rise of a new consciousness to blossom in the "dark & remote corners" of the Collective. The time is drawing very near for that Vision to be unleashed upon the world - but not just yet. (insert group groan here) ;-)

This particular Mercury Retrograde episode, we're all being encouraged, Lightworker or not, to get out that Grand Vision we have and go over it One More Time, with a fine-toothed comb. Has every "t" been crossed, every "i" dotted? Do you need to make a re-vision to the Vision? If so, this is time for it.
See, we are nearing the end of the time of "sacrifice," where you've given up what you've been holding onto, and the beginning of the Second/Main Harvest, wherein you reap what you've sown, and receive the Full Bounty of the Mother! :-) And yes, there will be a descent, with a great Planting of the Vision - but first things first.

Make entirely sure and certain that your intentions are clear and concise right now. Mark those places where Ganesh can remove those pesky obstacles for you...because come mid-September, we're moving forward again at Full Throttle!
Are those seat belts securely fastened, pulled tight, and riding low on your hips? (Can you tell I've flown much?) ;-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving into "the Zone"

This pic of me So Totally Rocks! (Mebane, NC 7/10. Photo by DragonHeart, my dragon sister.)

Something I neglected to mention when I was gushing about my latest adventure out to North Carolina...I found myself in what is popularly called "the Zone."
Basically, I was the Priestess. I was the Healer. I was the shamanka walking effortlessly Between the Worlds. For the first time, I realized the full extent of what it means to be standing in my Authentic Power - and let me say, it felt SO damn good! :-D
I felt Light. Open. Expanded and Expansive. Everything flowed effortlessly.
Not all the opportunities I beheld to Work my magick came to pass, but I've bookmarked several possibilities for the next time my home tribe gathers...and that's okay.

As always, the challenge has been taking what arose during the retreat and integrating it into my life As It Is Now. It's been interesting what's come up since.

"Shadows in Bloom." Encinitas, 7/10

If you've been following along, I mentioned last time that we were entering a "sorting phase" in life. I, too, experienced some sorting of my own as the moon disappeared from view.
Just because I've reached a certain point in my spiritual journey doesn't mean I'm done doing the Work. HA! Au contraire - I'm slogging along in the trenches right beside everyone else!
This time around, I came face to face with my "stuck" feelings...not wanting to move forward on my own, instead wanting someone to come help me out. Do the "dirty work" for me so I can fly free and clear, I was asking.
There is, however, only one person who will do my "dirty work." ME.
Interestingly enough, in examining these feelings, I found the root of this "stuck-ness," and did the necessary re-writing of my Story to unstick myself. (A shout out to one of my newest friends, the shining Miss A., for pointing me in the right direction!)

Now, the new moon is upon us, along with another pulse of energy bathing the Earth. (Get used to these pulses; they're going to be coming regularly and awesomely for the near future!) Now I feel myself moving back into "the Zone" where I was in North Carolina...and brand new options are presenting themselves for my purview, one of which may lead to slaying the Debt Monster for good - and giving me what I desire most: free space to (re) invent myself, yet again.

The greater test of faith is unfolding for me in California, as I consider the full extent of what it means to be In Service to Queen Califia...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Opportunity Knocking! (wetware download)

Some ironing may be necessary once you've gone through your karmic wardrobe. (Asheville, NC 7/10)

The influences of Earth and Sky are coming together in these magnificent two weeks to produce some radical (and I daresay delicious!) opportunities for transformation and Lasting Change!

From Grandfather Sky: we're in the last phases of the Cosmic Tsunami. As I advised a while back, this is the time of sorting...what is staying in your life? What is needing to be released? The full moon last weekend provided a major energetic boost to ensure this process would be moving forward. (This would explain why I wanted to sleep a LOT before/during/after the full moon; I had very important Work to do in the Dreamtime!) If you were experiencing insomnia at night during the full moon, or general restlessness around that time - here's your explanation.
Remember: the waning moon cycle (as she disappears in the night sky) is the time of releasing and letting go, which is going to be very important for the upcoming Harvest of Lammas!

From Grandmother Earth: Lammas (the "loaf mass") is the first of the three Harvest celebrations observed by many pagan traditions. The emphasis is on wheat and whole grains, as these were the first of the crop-foods that were ready to be gathered up and prepared for mass consumption in the form of bread. Lammas also has a tradition of "sacrifice" associated with it; the wheat plants must "die" for the village to eat.
For our purposes today, we can consider this question: What are you willing to let go of in your life right now in order to receive the Divine Bounty? What is ready to be released, its time of service in your life now complete?

As we navigate through the energies that are swirling about us - and trust me, they ARE swirling about, in spades! - the keywords for this portion of the journey are Surrender and Acceptance.
Surrender is not a bad word. If you're balking at seeing this word, believe me, I can relate. I used to believe it was a bad word, before I did the needed Shadow-Work to clear the negative associations around it. Let me put you at ease: to surrender simply means to recognize that your life is a Co-Creation, between you and Divinity. It means you don't have to do all the work by yourself; you have a very willing and help*full partner assisting and (when you're open for it) guiding you through the Grand Illusions and the Great Mysteries present in life. It's a lovely thing when you realize - I'm not alone in this. I have help when I need it.
Acceptance means that you place yourself firmly in your life as it is. No more whining about what happened in the past; no more wishing for something different in the future. You don't have to be madly in love with where you are, what you have, who you're with, in this moment. You simply say, Okay. Here I am. Right Now...and you really pay Attention to your surroundings, to your life! Amazing things can then rise into your awareness - and you just might see a doorway to that happy place that you've been looking for all along!

Cultivate your surrendering to, and acceptance of, the present moment. Go through your karmic wardrobe and clean out everything in your life that is no longer serving you. Make room for the Bounty to come...because the energies of the new moon are going to dovetail nicely with the energies of the 8/8 Lion's Gate opening this year! This means another huge energy boost coming our way; this time, with the promise of Marvelous & Miraculous Manifestation - for those who are ready to receive!
If you say, "but I'm not ready," my first question would be, are you sure about that? You might be more and better prepared than you realize! If you truly aren't "ready," no worries. The influx of energies will help you along quite nicely with your works in progress. You'll BE ready soon enough, for there are oodles more energetic pulses (both clearing and manifesting) on their way. Trust me on this one! ;-)

If you feel at all spacey or disconnected during this process: get out into Nature posthaste! She will help you ground, center, and reconnect with the true energetic grid, and not the smoke and mirrors of the Grand Illusion. Even a simple plant will help you return to your center. Viz...

Beautiful Blooms @ Amalya's. 7/10

There. I bet you're feeling better already... :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Butterfly Nation

Very real. Very gorgeous. Mebane, NC 7/10

I was dancing in North Carolina roughly a week ago, gathering anew with my home tribe.
It was my third visit to this fine lush green state, but my first as checking it out to see if it would be my home state. Yes, this is the place where I have been considering relocating. Before you scratch your head and ask, "Why on earth would YOU, of all people, go THERE?" I would invite you to Google "Asheville, NC" and see what comes up. You'll be pleasantly surprised, if you're not in the know already
Before you do, a wee sampling:

Actual water running through an actual riverbed! (Near Chimney Rock)

Peace pole at the Light Center. (Near Asheville)

View from inside "Malaprops Bookstore," which gets beaucoup points for the name alone! (Asheville)

City art in downtown Asheville.

I did have another pair of ulterior motives for visiting early: one, it was cheaper to fly in on a Thursday than a Friday. Two, I wanted to plant a crystal grid around the property of my friend D., who had just recently moved onto said property with the intention of turning it into a communal home and nexus-point for peeps to gather in the name of Sanctuary. That it is, in spades.
I know that it will be a good place for me to rest, renew, and recharge - and I can see myself living there.
But not today. I have Work to do here, in Cali. :-)

Driving to the retreat was an experience and a half for this Cali-girl. About halfway there, I got the opportunity to drive through rain. And I mean RAIN, as in the heavens opened up All The Way and these giganto drops were being thrown at my windshield in insane quantities and I could barely see the road at times with all the spray being kicked up and everyone else was driving with their hazard lights On & Blinking so when in Rome, ya know...
Yeah. THAT kind of rain - the kind we almost never see in SoCal!
However, if I do say so myself, I am pleased to report I drove like a native; or at least, someone from Seattle instead of San Diego. ;-)

This time, my home tribe came together to Glow for four days instead of three. Loved the extra day; I didn't feel as rushed this time as I had in the past. I reveled in the opportunity to commune more deeply, and absorb more of the lovely gestalt energies...

Bounty of the gathering. Mebane, 7/10

Lammas is just around the corner!

The Faerie Grove. More than fireflies hang out here... ;-)

Gratuitous chicken shot. Yes, they have an actual free-range chicken colony there!

The Blessed Mother, with offerings at Her feet.

...and I'll admit, this time, I got rather verklempt on the drive to my friend T's home about an hour away. This time, I didn't want it to end. The Bard was right; parting IS such sweet sorrow.

The unofficial theme for our retreat was "Awakening to Spiritual Freedom." It was more than that for some of us; it was also awakening to our Spiritual Destiny.

Butterfly Maiden~
Symbol of transformation
As She spreads Her wings...

We are the Butterfly Nation. Viva La Revolucion! :-D