Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Fruits from the Work (!)

Momentous day today on the Work front - that is, the Spiritual career, the reason I have only a part time (muggle) job right now and intend to keep it that way, tyvm! ;-)

In April I began work with a woman who was facing spinal surgery and was very concerned about it, in specific, and about her life, in general. Her actual surgery will be this Tuesday. I've gently been inviting her to think outside the box about her life and her surgery. Today I did the procedure before the procedure, in a sense...doing some "psychic surgery" on her spine to remove those parts that were ailing. When the physical equivalent is done two days hence, the recovery should go well, all things being equal.

After the ritual I stayed and answered some questions, for her and for her partner. Said partner has also expressed an interest in working with me on her issues; we set an initial date for this next Friday. :-)

This comes a few days after I answered a call for help (advise-wise) that was put out in one of my Internet groups. This woman liked my emailed response, so we arranged to talk on the phone. I will be meeting her in person next Sunday, if all goes according to plan.

My cultivating begins to pay off. Two new clients in three days!
In deepest gratitude, I say unto the Universe, "YES! I Accept!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Dance of Time

I'm really into the groove now. The structure has set and is solid and firm.

It is funny how fluid time has become...
When I am not at work, I am in kairos time, the simple time, the easy time.
When I am at work, time shifts on me, speeding up. I shift smoothly with it into chronos time and find myself moving almost as fast as inspiration traveling through my neurons. The neurons still outpace me though, at times; just listen and laugh when I try to say the tag-line for a company and trip over my tongue because it momentarily disconnected from my brain! ;-)
Yet the moment I get into my car, start him up, and drive out of the parking lot, I am back into kairos time. It slows down to its previous pace, even when I'm zipping down the freeway at 70 mph.

On the one hand, I'm glad I didn't lose the ability to move at the speed of life during my fallow period. I'm glad I can speed myself up and slow myself down with grace and ease.
On the other hand, though, an old bad habit of mine is dropping by and trying to wiggle its way back into my life: impatience. When I'm moving at the speed of life, I'm expecting everyone else to keep up, and allowing myself to get frustrated now and again when they don't keep up. The Universe has observed this, and has sent my way some very powerful lessons to help me remember to slow down, even in the hyperactive times, and pay attention to who I am and what I'm doing. Two of these lessons have occurred within the last few days, on the freeway, where the temptation to be in Hyperactive mode is sorely tempting. Both times I've had to exert some major Power to keep myself in the reality where I don't wreck the car! So I am very thankful that my car is still in one piece - and I learn the lessons, taking a deep breath more often to slow down, recenter, and remember to exercise the Patience I acquired during the spring!
(You see, I am an adrenaline junkie. A part of me gets a rush from being on the razor's edge of time. I must remember that I don't need to be on that edge all the time, and step back from the edge when necessary.)

As within, so without...the larger dance of time is unfolding as well. Spring has moved into Summer, which is reaching is midpoint and kicking into high gear. Tank-top and shorts weather at last! - outside of work, at least. ;-)
And, outside of work, I am invited again to exercise patience. A good friend of mine is shifting herself in huge ways right now. Once she has finished her shifting, she is re-opening her spiritual center and re-extending the invitation to walk the path of spirit with her. I call her a friend; she has also been a mentor to me as I have explored within myself and accessed my psychic gifts. I am advised by my guides to wait for her, before I take any radical steps forward.
So in this "empty" space, I find myself shifting as well. I find myself clearing out toxic wounds I have been carrying in my DNA for centuries. I find myself drawn to Reiki, and beginning to practice it after receiving a spontaneous attunement while receiving a massage. I find myself reorganizing my images and placing them into a new accordion file, which will go into the bottom drawer on the left hand side of my former writing desk, soon to be my new Creation Center.
I also find myself writing again, both at work (in a little blue notepad) and at this very computer. Original material flows out of my hand at work; revision of one of the first stories I wrote trickles out of my fingers at home. Both stories are connected by a handful of key characters and an interesting speculation that sent me off on a wonderful tangent...

I find myself in a cultivating phase. Many things are growing right now, the branches becoming heavy with fruit. The harvest this year promises to be glorious... :-)