Friday, June 26, 2009

On the other side (part 2 - and then some!)

Let's just say the week leading up to - and the time immediately after - the Solstice was really interesting! (lol)

I meant to post again right after I was finished with the cleansingway, but two things happened to sideline me...

First, my computer crashed. I tried a few things to baby it along, but the hard drive eventually locked up and refused to cooperate. So I've traded in the "BMW," for a shiny new "Hybrid," if you will. My new comp is tiny, compared to the old one, and it runs uber-fast! Yay! :-) I've also switched anti-virus providers; let's just say after this whole experience, I firmly believe McAfee is an agent of Satan. 'Nuff said. ;-)

Second, two of my soul sisters were thrown into significant crises as a result of the major shifting and rearranging of energies that took place over the Solstice! One went through a significant journey of the body; I was with T. in the ER for (get this) eight whole hours! --and this on the last day of my second fast!! It's interesting, though...when I was called into action though her crisis, I went into High Priestess mode - and hunger ceased to be an issue. (Up till that point, hunger had been a bit more of an issue than during the first of the two-day fasts...go figure!) She went through some more of the journey last Sunday - I walked her through the worse of it - and Monday (where she went to an actual dr. and got some more help that way as well). She is doing just fine, and has a lot to ponder now...
My other soul sister went through a journey of the heart over the Solstice weekend, where she was put through the ringer. P. has served as a mentor for me through many a rough patch in my life; now, it seems I've had the opportunity to repay her for her kindness and sharing. Over the phone & online (fortunately I've had access to email at work, praise the Gods!), I walked her through the worst of her journey...and at last communication, she was on the other side of her funk and well on her way back to the Light. My heart goes out to both of my soul-sisters...

Then there was the Solstice itself: a lovely ritual at the Goddess Temple, which served to confirm, affirm, and ground the work I'd done on myself during the cleansingway. It featured a lot of movement in the body - where other woman were moving slowly and gently with the feelings that were arising within them, I was a whirling ball of excitement and enthusiasm! The phrase Tempest in a Teapot came to mind, for I had to keep my movemements small and contained, more often than not, lest I plow through my sisters like a bowling ball through the ten pins! (lol) Once the Sanctuary had emptied out, though, I was finally able to move big, and I took full advantage of it: spiralling into the center of the room, spinning round and round, grinning broadly in anticipation of what is to weekend, in fact! :-D

So, here I am on my new keyboard, my new computer very quiet and composed. It's funny - in a sense, I was relieved that I couldn't revive the old one. Yes, I lost a few precious things...but such things may yet be retrieved from the hard drive, and there was so much junk that had accumulated on it that I barely paid attention to anyway!
It's funny, I'd actually signed up for Miss Leonie's Decluttering Goddess course, thinking to square a few things away in my real home - and wound up with a huge shift in my cyber-home instead! The Universe moves in mysterious ways...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the other side (part 1)

Two days of fasting. Wow. :-o
~I feel lighter, perhaps not physically, but definitely energetically.
~I gained some very valuable insight into a lingering Shadow of mine: the fear of deprivation. I'll post some more about that once I'm done with the whole releasingway...
~I have begun my yoga practice! I'm only doing a handful of the asanas/poses right now, but I'm adding to my routine every (other) night, and working some of the (Western) back exercises in to boot!
~Ate some actual solid food about an hour or so ago. OMFG - the tastes! the textures! It's a food renaissance all over again! (lol)

My first food renaissance was when I had been following Sunrider's regime for a while. Suddenly, my mind - and my palate - realized there was more to food than macaroni & cheese! (lol)
This is my second food renaissance...really tuning in and savoring what I'm eating! In this case: jasmine rice, lentils, and vegetarian baked beans - all organic, of course! - garnished with some mild salsa & wrapped up in romaine lettuce leaves, burrito-style...Green-Bergamot tea sweetened with stevia to chase it down. All purchased from my ultra fave food store, Trader Joe's. Yes, I love them soooo much, I'm giving them a gratuitous link plug! (lol)
And the feeling one has, after having not eaten, and then eating well - can we say Endorphin Rush? (lol)

So I'm basking in a bliss space right now, gathering up gratitudinals for my nightly meditation & prayer session before I retire for the night...

And as always, doing my not-so-secret ninja work. ;-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of several suggestions my chiropractor made to me was to do a total body cleanse. I resisted initially, at first...but after my body agreed with him, I signed on. It's a nine-day cleanse in total, preceded by two "pre-cleanse" days. I've just finished the first of the detoxing days, basically fasting the entire day. (I say "basically" because the occasional raw organic almond, and some chewable vanilla-flavored wafers, have passed between my lips - but that's IT!)

I've done juice fasts before, but they've always ended around sunset. This is my first day of significant fasting. It's been interesting - interludes of significant hunger followed by periods of feeling "full." Something in at least one the products that gives me "asparagus pee." (You know what I'm talking about if you've ever eaten asparagus! lol) And then there's the timing of it all: I deliberately waited until an entire waning moon cycle to begin this journey, because I wanted this releasingway to occur within the natural rhythms. Along with any physical releasing that may take place, I'm also holding intentions of releasing any lingering obstacles or blockages within me for good and all. That which no longer serves or resonates with me, I now release effortlessly.

As within, so without...I've also been going through my art supplies. I finally gathered together all of my scattered goodies and have been sorting through everything - wondering if I really need six different shades of sky-blue coloring pencils, among other things! (lol) I have a bag of giveaways slowly filling up, preparing to be paid forward during some succulent gathering of women or another. In turn, this is the first step of an overall purge & purification through the house. I suspect I'll be more cleansing than releasing this time around, but things Will Be Released! HO!
(and yet again the Universe provides me with assistance in this, in perfectly divine timing...thank you Miss Leonie & Miss Lisa!) ;-)

I'm having fun with this linking stuff. Pictures to follow, perhaps...?!

Monday, June 8, 2009

drum roll, please...!

Right, peeps - it's Announcement Time! Heads up to my SoCal posse especially! :D

I have been coordinating, and I will be participating, in a couple of workshops next month.
They're both called: "The Big Glow: Awakening to the Now."

In the Orange County Area:
Awakenings Bookstore, Laguna Hills
Thursday, July 9th

In the San Diego Area:
Well Within, Encinitas
Saturday, July 11th

Both workshops have a suggested donation of $15.
Both promise to be uber-juicy.

Now to introduce my special ninja co-conspirator: Meet Brian here.
If you want to come play with both of us online, you can go here.
Holler back if any of the links don't work, yo!

The countdown to serving slices of beyond awesome begins...NOW! :D

Sunday, June 7, 2009

juicy changes

Life is getting very juicy indeed, as of late.

The challenge was getting a phone call early last week...test results came back for my mother that alarmed the doctors. As a result, she went in for a colonoscopy last Friday. It confirmed what I had already divined for her - no cancer in her system. She has internal hemorrhoids - and yes, I will stop there before I get all TMI on y'all. (lol) So now it's just a matter of gathering information and figuring out what to do next.

Meanwhile - I am going to be conspiring with one of my fellow Ninjas of Change when he comes to San Diego early next month! :-D A slice of beyond awesome stuff is about to hit Southern California; the formal announcement will come tomorrow online, and IRL sometime next week, once a few teeny details are squared away. This is my first big public venture and I am uber-excited, to borrow one of Miss Leonie's phrasings. Forget being over the moon; right now, I'm somewhere around MARS! (lol)

Thus, the final shape-shifting of ze blog...
February, 2007, I was starting from scratch, and that was the blog's name. I was releasing my "old" false life and moving into my "new" true life. Somewhat belatedly, I realized late in 2008 that I had been following the turtle for some time, so I changed the blog accordingly. Now the pace is quickening and I'm leaving the turtle behind. The seeds planted in January have sprouted and are growing quickly. I'm about to raise my profile in the world to another level - so it's finally time to have the blog name match the site address: Dancing in the Sky.

The sky is limitless and ever changing. Sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy; sometimes bright and empty, other times dark and rich and full. Its "shape-shifting" matches my own; this is why I took the name SkyDancer on my birthday in 2003. When I went to create a blog, "skydancer" was taken, so I shifted the concept around a bit, and voila! (lol)

I had planned to wait till the solstice, but this co-creation I'm going to be involved with manifested itself rather suddenly. Full moon energy, however, lends itself perfectly to such endeavors, so there you are. I promise this will be the last change I make - to this blog. I reserve the right to make a new one in the future, though... ;-)

Life is getting very juicy indeed. That word is popping up in my syntax a lot, of late: Juicy.
It fits me as I find myself coming fully alive and awake into the moment...I breathe deeply and savor the awakening, the adventure, the juiciness! This Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot! HO!