Sunday, June 16, 2013

Micromoving in the New Reality

The Tricksters have been having fun with me! (Poway, 10/12)
 So I'm down to posting just before the big Equinox or Solstice, eh? LOL. Maybe I'll work on that...

Every single Gods-blessed time I think I get how much has changed, or how much has been swept away in this place I'm calling the New Reality, I get another reminder and I'm gobsmacked all over again.

I saw how I wrote last time that I was putting the Priestess aside momentarily, "just for now." Well, not quite.
What I later realized was that my Inner Creative had fired my Inner CEO and sacked the whole Sacred Employment team!
Yup, I was done. I had renounced that part of my calling. I was quite content to just let the whole world flail away and I was going to retire into my Artist's Cave with my mom and my husband (to be) and whichever cats wanted to join us and just create for myself, maybe sell an object or two here and there.
Then came the Scorpio full moon and the bombing in Boston and the hysterical response amongst my Lightworker soul-siblings - and the Dragon Within woke up and ROARED at the masses: What the Sam-Hill are y'all doing messing around in the Old Reality that is dissolving Anyway?!?
(okay, this is the somewhat paraphrased version. The original version had a few f-bombs and a few f-bomb-related words in it.)
So, yah, the Priestess is back. The Priestess is watching everything that is unfolding in the world, and is totally not surprised by what is being revealed (hasn't anyone else ever read any science-fiction? HELLO!) because everything that has been built in the age of Power-Over Domination is coming crashing down! The Priestess is mainly annoyed, and sometimes outright pissed, at how much energy is still being poured in all of these Old Reality constructs where there's a whole bunch of New Reality waiting and needing to be (co-) created! Forget about thinking outside the box; it's time to think about spheres and drop-kick the boxes back into the last millennium! However, I will choose to expound on this train of thought on my other blog.

Yes, about that New Reality waiting and needing to be's been a most interesting 2013, so far. I will take a step or two in what I think is going to be a good direction - and the path dissolves, and I don't (can't?) go any farther forward. At first I thought it was because my energies had been too scattered by all of the work I've been putting in to my muggle job (a year as a supervising operator - wow!) to gather myself together. A few personal rituals disproved that hypothesis, though; I can still get the mojo working when I need to. Then I saw that it was the Reality I was in that is not quite solid enough for me to do the Work that is needful, post-Transition. Like a lake where the ice is forming, but not entirely ready to have folks skating atop it - this was the image I was shown. So I asked the question: what can I do to help "solidify" the New Reality a bit more, besides continuing to be the bridge between the worlds?
Focus Your Intentions, came one answer. Examine Your Boundaries, came another. Use the Knowledge You Have Within, came a third.
It's up to me to set up the times of Ceremony and Stillness that I need to nurture myself. It's up to me to examine my "yes" and "no" responses and deploy them wisely. It's up to me to listen to the soft voice within and act accordingly...and the rest will fall into place, and the ice upon the lake will solidify.
The soft voice within is an excellent guide, especially since I'm starting practically from scratch in certain respects. Old ceremonies aren't coming together, so I allow myself to be guided in fashioning new ones. I am also reassembling Sacred Space in my room; as Jonathan is now part of the casita, the bedrooms were switched around, and order is still arising from chaos! (Well, when you have two night owls working and trying to remake a home, it can take a while, eh!) ;-)

Yah, there's a bit of what's up in my neck of the woods at the moment...