Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gentle Shadow

In this clearing out time, I've found something interesting within me: a belief that this is as good as it will get.

This part of me is certain I won't make another penny again, so I should be very careful with what I have. She is certain that I won't ever have a loving partner in my life, so I should sell the condo after mom dies and move into a mobile home so I can continue having a stress-free lifestyle. She knows the Universe will take care of her, as long as she plays it safe, so she is ready to settle down now. I call her the Gentle (Genteel?) Shadow.

I agree with her that right here, right now, I am truly and deeply blessed. Life is good...and it will only get better. What I have her and now is a good starting point. What I have here and now, instead of being the maximum, is only the minimum. From here, I go up - To Infinity, and Beyond!
(thank you buzz lightyear) ;-)

If I get off track, I can come back here and begin anew. But settle? No. Not yet.

btw...oh yes. I live with my mother. That calls for a post unto itself, in the near future...

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