Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year of the Micromovement

In the spirit of the season, as the old year is rung out and the new one is rung in, I thought I'd join in on the reflections.

This past year has seemed like I've taken a thousand micromovements in various directions. Sure, there were some major movements in this year-that-is-passing, but they were the exception, rather than the rule. I felt as though I were moving at the pace of the ant, the snail, the turtle - Very Slowly, and with lots of naps in between.

Considering all that was going on within me, though, I don't think I could have moved any faster if I'd wanted to. On my Facebook page, I have an album for the Big Glow retreats that I attended "this" year. I call it Realization. Indeed, that is what has happened to me.
Although I've talked a lot about being a priestess of the world, I micromoved into this role, claiming it and owning it completely, in 2010. Now, I truly AM the Priestess. I am a different woman than I was in January; hell, I'm a different woman than I was at the start of this month! (lol)

To sum, a bit...
The first realignment was complete at the Spring Equinox. I left everything muggle behind and rededicated myself to my Life Purpose, BE-ing the Priestess fully and completely!
The second realignment was complete at the Fall Equinox. I entered the higher frequencies of the "new" reality that is unfolding before us, more and more every day. The differences between who I was and who I am became readily apparent!
The third realignment was complete just after Samhain. Came the dawn of the Seventh (Mayan) day, and I was the anchoring point of a lovely Rainbow of the Goddess! The first steps of my new journey came clear!
The fourth realignment has just been completed, with Mercury going direct again. I seem to have returned to serenity, and awakened from hibernating. I'm still moving slowly, but it's the slowness of the Dreamer shifting back into the place of Wakefulness. I'll be moving more rapidly soon enough!

I don't doubt there will be further realignments, but they're more of a fine-tuning now, instead of an overhaul.

2010 is/was also the year to Work on those Shadows that lay underneath all the rest, bringing them up into my awareness and fully understanding them. I have released what no longer serves me, but find that there's still shadow-material present, after all is said and done...and this is okay. I have come to that place where I don't need to "fix" or "destroy" anything; all that is present is good As It Is, Right Now. After all the Work I have done, that's a lovely feeling indeed!

Ten thousand baby steps later, I turn and see that I've come a very long way.
And the best part is - I've just gotten started. :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

More notes (from the Bear's Cave)

Ah. Finally I feel enough mojo to write again! Thus and so...

This Yuletide has been rather low-key, with a few intense spots scattered here and there...but I've mostly been following the Natural cycle, instead of the human one. I've been feeling my Bear medicine and having a nice Winter's nap - though I have been interrupted now and again. Initially, my reaction is always the same: muttering dark imprecations under my breath before growling, "I'd really like to return to my cave, thank you!" But, I manage to talk myself into playing nice instead of going back into my cave; with a few more grumbles, I get myself up and running (or at least shuffling) into the new day. There is definitely a sense of "I'll worry about that tomorrow" going on right now. As I swim beneath the holiday hoopla, have I finally found acceptance for my life As It Is, or is this a form of apathy? Or maybe somewhat of both? Something to consider over a cup of tea, for sure.

Speaking of wanting to "do it tomorrow," more often than not...I've found the source of some pesky resistance to being an entrepreneur, or at least tooting my horn louder than I have been. I find myself to be the type of artiste who prefers solitude and seclusion, coming out every now and again with something shiny and new, but wanting to be done with the whole "promotional" affair as quickly as possible before returning to my cave and going back to Creating new things. Even better - I'd love to have someone else do the "muggle-work" for me so I wouldn't have to do it! I know there are some Shadows tied to this, so perhaps there's some Work to be done in this arena; there's also a need to cultivate that inner businesswoman who is not afraid to toot her own horn loudly, proudly, and often! Perhaps this will be one of my New Year's resolutions...

The New Year, aye. There's another, semi-selfish reason why I'm hiving off my Wetware posts into a separate blog: They're starting to "take over" this blog. I want this space to be personal, and cozy, and quirky; besides, having sat with the concept for a while, I can see the Wetware blog as being/becoming more business-oriented and professional. I'm not sure if I'll offer my CD on just that blog, or on both blogs, yet...but I'm definitely going to offer my Informational "chicken scribbles" on the other blog. Very soon now, friends!

Perhaps this will get me into the mood: a very juicy event unfolding on New Year's Day in Downtown San Diego. It's called Peace in the Streets. I plan on bringing my drums that day and seeing what magick will unfold. This will then segue very nicely into the first drum circle with my sisters for the year as well! So I will be Drumming in the New Year; maybe the rhythms will carry me forward and inspire me to do some more significant Work! Emphasis on more - I will have a few IRL things to toot my own horn about in the near future, on one or both blogs...

Well, it's just past midnight here and now. So I think I'll put this bear to bed. Gods know when I'll get up tomorrow, especially with an immanent trip to the Moon Lodge on top of everything else! (lol)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the Wetware: a pair of NICE pulses

One significant thing before I jump into the nitty-gritty: Come 2011, these Wetware posts will be their own lovely blog! Not only am I finding this super easy to do, but I'm also finding it necessary, in some ways...
One, I want to present some of this Information in a more "muggle-friendly" format than I've seen other peeps do - not that all the Information isn't lovely, mind you, but if I'm scratching my head and trying to figure out something I've just read, I suspect others are as well! I wanna make this metaphysical stuff easy, ya know? ;-)
Two, I want to add my voice - a woman's voice, a feminist voice - to the chorus of advisors already out there. It goes back to accessibility: I would hope everyone who is seeking advice and Information would get something out of the words they read, and not feel slighted, discriminated against, or left out. If anyone ever feels otherwise, please feel free to drop me a gentle correction! The comment box IS open, and I rarely delete any comments...just the ones from the Spambots.

Now, ready Teddy to rock & roll? Because that's exactly what's just around the corner! I'm going to call them NICE pulses, which is going to stand for "New Intensely Concentrated Energy" pulses. I will grant you, some of them will feel more like Special High Intensity Transformation (you deduce that acronym!), but it'll all be good in the end. Promise. :-)
The first NICE pulse, which has already begun to make itself be felt, officially starts tomorrow (12/12) and lasts until the Solstice (12/21). This one is extra special because of the start and end dates: if you plug these dates into your Numerology decoder, you will find that both dates on the calendar (12/12/2010 & 12/21/2010) become 3-3-3, which, in turn, reduces to 9 both times.
So what?
Well, darling readers, "3" is a very power*full and revered number in just about every spiritual tradition on the planet! Three levels of reality (underworld, surface world, world above) ~ Heaven, Earth, and Human ~ Man, Woman, Child (from a biological standpoint, mind you) ~ and more Holy Trinities than you can shake the Holy 2x4 of Enlightenment at! "3" resonates deeply and profoundly within the human soul; when you triple three - three times three - ohmaigawds does that kick things up another notch, if not into a whole 'nother reality!
Now, remember that we're currently in a Descent phase, especially in the Northern Hemisphere; note as well that Mercury has gone retrograde again (ie - it looks like it's moving "backwards"), which also lends itself to introversion of energies. So the next 10 days or so are going to be Super Intense! Depending on where you are on your journey, it may feel very NICE...or it may feel (ahem) the "Other Way." Regardless, practice of Extreme Self-Care, and/or Connecting with Nature, will be most highly recommended! This will last until the Solstice, and will finish with a BANG, thanks to the lunar eclipse on the Solstice!

Post-Solstice, things will tend to remain still and gentle; this will allow us to catch our breath and rest until Mercury goes direct again at the end of the year. When it does go direct, then we'll have NICE pulse #2 - because for (roughly) the first three weeks in January, every single blessed heavenly body is direct! Nobody will look like they're going backwards! This is one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences, and I'm advised (both in my reading and by my posse) that this is going to be like drinking a six-pack of Red Bull, sans the nasty side-effects! Anything and everything in your life will be if you can hold off on starting any major projects or lifestyle changes, do so. Maybe some of those New Year's Resolutions will stick this time and become New Life Revolutions! Intend it to be SO! :-)

In case I don't post anything more upon this blog, Wetware or otherwise, may you all have a Blessed Holy*Day season, and a Brilliant New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notes from the *New Reality*

Sunset at the beach. (Carlsbad, 6/10)

It has been a lunar year, if you count the moons, since I experienced my Soul Retrieval. I thought it would be the end of all of my Work.
I was wrong...yes, a circle came to a conclusion, but another circle began to be drawn once I left Lady M's place and began the drive back home.
In this past year, I have dealt with Shadows that I'd only briefly addressed before - Shadows having to do with shining fully in my Authentic Light, with loving deeply, even with being a woman in this go-around. I have felt my soul contract into a tight shell, only to expand outward again, blooming wider and more brilliantly than the last time.

I have come to understand my "Little Ones" more fully - these feelings that arise when I feel small and scared and separate. More - I have come to the place where I no longer need to "change" or "fix" them; all I need to do is love them. All I need to do is hold them in my arms and whisper to them, It's all going to be okay. Mommy promises.
For when I am feeling contracted, I ask myself how old I am. Usually I find that I'm seven or eight, sometimes a bit older, now and again a bit younger. That's what the ego truly is, you see...a small child who dwells within us, who gets scared and acts out of fear from time to time. What is needed is not to destroy it or bypass it or get rid of it; what is needed is to LOVE it, completely and unconditionally! How brilliant would we be as humans if our egos were unafraid to live and play with one another?
My higher self, my wise woman within - she is "Mommy." Sometimes she needs to be firm; other times, it's just about loving and delighting along with the "Little Ones" at life's miracles. We truly are Divinity Incarnate; the Divine spark within is our Parent. We are the parent and the child in one. Delicious.

Blooming anew, in the New. (Encinitas, 5/10)

And I find myself now living in a vast spacious place, where things can and DO manifest for me instantly. In this place, I can feel so much more than I used to, when science was my "religion" and things like empathy and energy-work and vibrations would have been viewed with much skepticism! ;-)
I abide in a much higher frequency these days...and I can feel when something is a much lower frequency. Certain places, certain situations, I have felt myself recoil and needing to protect myself from the lower, "icky" vibes! Certain foods remind me why I've changed my eating habits so radically when I encounter them again - and confirm for me that they need to stay changed!

I am learning to say "thank you" readily and often. I am learning that I don't always have to be neat and tidy in sharing my journey with the world. I know that I am not the same person who drove south to a sister shamanka's house a year ago...yet I recognize the part deep within me that remains steady and constant, regardless of what happens to my body, my soul, my life.
Speaking of my body, I finally have another number that identifies and confirms this "new" self I'm walking around in: ten. As in size 10 for jeans! Color me gobsmacked and over the moon! :-D