Thursday, October 18, 2007

thinking aloud...

(waving hello to the handful of peeps following my adventures from this viewpoint)

This journey has turned out radically different than how I first envisioned it.
I was going to jump into my shiny new life and blaze a trail to success and abundance on my terms, documenting every move I made in this little niche in cyberspace.

I removed myself from everything for a while.
I journeyed outside my comfort zone to the other side of the world, and back again.

I remained still and silent, comparatively speaking, as radical changes were worked within me. Only now am I coming out of this metamorphic state.
Only now am I emerging from the crysalis, wings pumping, moving through the narrow opening set before me.

I thought I was completely done with working in the muggle world; but here I am, still going to a place of work outside of my home, still working shoulder to shoulder with other people, still witnessing drama llamas running amok - chaotically so, at times!
I have been reduced to scratching my head in bemusement...why can't we all just get along?
Then I see the answer: because the Shadows of each person are doing the talking - Shadows that are manipulated by deeply frightened little children within who lost their connection with Divinity, for one reason or another, long ago.

Can I work with these little children, help them find their way home, show them how to remove the Shadows around them so they can see the Light?
That's what I believe I'm being called to do, in various ways. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

And there is this blog itself.
Several times as of late I've sat down here to post about something, and the words do not come.
They do not want to come.
So perhaps I wasn't ready to share, or what was happening wasn't meant to be shared - at least, not here.
So I reconsider what I write here, and what I write there...and allow all of my words to make it out into the world, one way or another, as I release my concerns along the way.

Here, now, though, I believe the transformative phase is finally coming to an end.
Winter beckons me to rest in her embrace, wrapping me up in a nice warm soft blankie.
Perhaps now is the time to rest, allowing the changes that have been wrought within to settle into place.
Let me dream my way into my destiny, choosing a few things to start, or re-start, come the Spring.

I suspect I had to finish the Work within, before I could begin the Work without.
At last, the Work is done...and I am deeply and profoundly grateful for that fact.