Thursday, January 7, 2010


~I must be consistent in the Game of Life,
That Wisdom may finish what Knowledge did start.~

This is my touchstone, my focusing word, for this year...for there are places in my life where I am anything BUT consistent, and I want to BE consistent in them!

I need consistency in my Yoga Practice. I fell off the wagon towards the end of the year as the Spiritual Work took precedence over the physical work. I know I need to do the yoga - my body feels SO much better and more open when I do it, as I reaffirmed last night! - yet fitting it into my patchwork schedule can be quite challenging. Lately, I haven't been meeting the challenge! So, here is the first "sub-resolution."

I need consistency in my Creativity. I started off last year quite well, thanks to Miss Leonie's Creative Goddess course (which is starting up again on the 17th, word to ze wise!) - and then, again, the Spiritual Work took over. I managed to keep my fingers in the creative flow, thanks to my participation in a project from one of my online circles...but it's not enough. More Artistic Creation opportunities, por favor, y gracias!

I need consistency in my Playtime! I managed to get myself out of the house for some tiny adventures, and took some gorgeous pix while I was out, and the fresh air that came with the change of scenery did me good. I am coming to realize, more and more, that these breaks from the routine are restorative to my soul...which needs a break now and again from the oh-so-serious Spiritual Work. (Hm, anyone else seeing the theme arising here? lol)

And last, but not least, I need consistency in my Greater Work. Not the "little w" work, that which provides me with a source of steady income; the "Big W" Work, being the shamanic priestess in my community and sharing my Wisdom & Magick with those who need it & are ready to receive it. I've dipped my toe in the water; I've waded in the shallow pool. Now I need to take it further and plunge into the deep end, sending out my ripples further in the pond.
I fully realize I needed to to the Work inside me before I could successfully do the Work around me, but I would like to think I've finally come to a place where I can now shift my focus! (Say I have, Mommy, pleeease!) ;-)

As I set this intention of consistency, I fully realize that I'll falter, get distracted, detour way off the path, come back to center, start again, start over, and hit the snooze button every now and then. (dude, five more minutes, that's all I'm asking!)
May I have the grace to forgive myself as often as necessary and proceed down the path anyway, trusting that the Mystery is unfolding with Divine Perfect Timing. :-)

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