Friday, January 29, 2010

...and everything She touches, changes

This change is more external, quixotic, and very interesting...

I am taking on the overnight/graveyard shift at my place of work. I am a night person by nature, and having stepped into the pinch-hitting role a couple of times, felt I had the stuff I needed to do so. Plus, I get an immediate increase in my source of steady income - which never hurts!

So this is the start of an interesting little experiment: living the "Bizarro" life, as it were: my days are the night, my nights are the day. I get up as peeps are considering dinner and go to bed as they're considering (second) breakfast. This is going to last a couple of months, until the end of March. After that, I will be scooting across the country again for another helping of Beyond Awesome. When I return...that's up to the gods at this point. We'll see.

On the one hand, this threatens to shake up what little communication I do have (at times, it seems) and isolate me at a time when isolation is the last thing I'm looking for. On the other hand, this frees me up to have some more fun at night - provided I can get myself up early enough and sneak a nap in before I come into work. Whatever else, I shall emerge from this journey a total Nap Diva! (lol)

I have asked the owl for a bit of guidance and support as I align myself even more closely with the rhythms of the moon. Bella Luna. She will be my main guide through this journey, teaching me more of Her mysteries, sharing with me more of Her secrets. I look forward to the closer communion.

Right now, though, might be a good time to sneak one of those naps in, especially since my entry into the Moon Lodge appears immanent... ;-)

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