Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We can no longer go it alone, nor be alone, nor make anything happen by ourselves.
(Karen Bishop)

So here's another "touchstone" for me for this year.
I was commenting elsewhere about how I'd chosen consistency to be my word for this year, when I heard a soft "ahem" in the back of my mind. When I gazed inward, here was this second word for me to use.

I had known already how I wanted to be with others, to bring a time of "solitude" to a conclusion. Just before Samhain, in fact, I had realized: I have done all the Work I can do on myself, for myself, by myself. If I am to grow any further, I need to find people and places who can nurture and support me, as I can nurture & support them in return. I need to weave a web of Interdependence, now.

Apparently that was a prayer of some sort, for the Universe has begun to answer it...
Just before Yule, I was finishing up my deep spiritual journey of Soul Retrieval at Questhaven, when I was joined by some unexpected new friends:
Smokey & Galahad, choosing to be my "escorts" as I walked the trail. 12/09
They both stayed with me until I had finished visiting my oak friend. :-)

Little synchronicities since then...talking with perfect strangers, finding new alliances at work, being invited to join - and joining - some more "Ning" sites...all are beginning to confirm the message I received as I transitioned from last year to this one: 2010 shall be the year "me" becomes "we."

What that will entail, I don't know in this moment.
As Divinity is in the details, I will embrace the unknown and allow Divinity to fill in the details. :-)


  1. Experiencing this strongly at the moment too!
    Literally the day I asked for more connection got it, and have been on an amazing journey since...with other friends expressing the same thing.
    I have big feelings about the now/2010/future.
    Your post seemed perfectly like an invitation to connect so I have!
    Sending Love

  2. Enjoyed reading your post... The feeling is truly amazing!