Friday, May 4, 2007

From the Job Huntress ;-)

This is the first week of "redoubled effort" to secure a source of steady income. It's practically a job in and of itself! (lol)

~I answered more ads. I secured an interview, but I'm going to turn down a second interview if I'm offered one. The hours are a few too many, and the locale is a wee bit too far away, and they made some rumblings about relocating even further away. So I'm going to take a deep breath and stick to my guns about finding Part-Time work, unless the job is very close to home.
~I attended a career fair and found several leads. After doing some Internet research, though, only one of the leads looks promising at this moment: yes, it's a staffing agency, but they mention part-time work. Well, I've got a career fair to go to next Monday, and the agency isn't too far from the fair, so I'll see about killing two birds with one stone...
~I've also visited my local career center/EDD/Job Placement place. Some interesting feelings have come up around this, as I filled out the application and attended the subsequent orientation: I feel like I'm cheating the folks who "really need" to use this center out of an opportunity to find employment for themselves, like my college degree somehow exempts me from using this center as a bona fide resource.
Is this a case of reverse entitlement? Or is it wounded pride trying to divert attention from the fact that it's actually wounded?

So I shall convince myself that I am no more or less worthy of receiving assistance from any and all sources, and plunge back into the job jungle...

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