Sunday, May 27, 2007

Consolidating my Creativity

I've referred to the main room of my home as my ersatz art studio. I collage as a serious hobby, and I like to collect images from magazines and catalogs and calendars, various odds and ends of ribbon, paper scraps, assorted stickers, and the occasional Found Object. Little by little, the prima facie of my creative impulses spreads out in the main room, taking up more & more space... :-O

Peter Walsh, one of the current de-cluttering gurus, was on Oprah the other day. Among other folks, he helped a woman tame her collection of scrapbooking supplies into something infinitely more manageable. One neuron struck another in my mind, and I looked over to the writing-desk against the western wall. I could very easily make it the center of my creative operations, I thought to myself.

So I emptied it out, one drawer at a time. A grocery bag now stands beside it, filled with decks of playing cards, not-terribly-used, entirely-unused and never-to-be-used Post-It notes and memo pads, and untouched stationary sets. All will be relocated to good homes. ;-)

I've integrated the snail-mail materials that I've used into the collection of snailing materials we already possess, categorized everything, and placed them in their own labelled bags. I reserve the right to take unused cards and incorporate them into my own collage/artwork.

All I need now is one, possibly two, accordion files to hold my images. Once I've secured those, my creative work will fall into harmonic organization. A trip to Staples or Office Depot is on my event horizon... :-)

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