Saturday, April 4, 2009

storefront dreamin'...

While making a quick Kinko's run today, I happened to notice a vacant building for rent.
When I notice these vacancies, something stirs within me - and it's not sadness.
It's a little dream that says, I'll be there, someday.

This dream has shape-shifted a few times over the years.
First it was going to be a metaphysical store. Then a tea house.
Now I can look into one of these vacancies and see several healers there, offering our services: massage. hypnotherapy. readings. previous life tracking. reiki. yoga. and many other things.

I have yet to pick up the phone and call any of the numbers that are on the little posters. You know, for the real estate agents. It would definitely need to be a "we" thing at this point - but I can happily be a part of a "we," a group of Lightworkers doing what we love and receiving support in return.

Right now, I'm content to keep this dream percolating, as I glide forward, by degrees, and solidify myself as a metaphysicist, if you will. ;-)
I'll be there. Someday.

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