Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spiral Healingway

Thus and so: a full lunar cycle of sitting with pain and working with it and releasing it.
I am advised by other sources that the energies swirling around these days are conducive to bringing up "old stuff" for transformation and transition. I never would have guessed! ;-)

I know that it's rare to heal something once and then you're done. Some of our wounds run deep, through all of our layers. As we move along the spiral path of this Great Mystery we call life, we will come back to the wounds, in different places, at different levels. Each time, we can work with this energy to release what no longer serves us, and keep the treasures that may have been hidden in Shadow. The more often we accept the invitation to process, the smaller and fewer the Shadows become. Will they ever go away entirely? I'm not sure; ask me again in, oh, seventy years or so. I may have an answer by that time. (lol)

Days like the ones that have just ended help me remember this fact, when I forget, and think "all" of my Work is done. ;-) Ha.
More and more, I suspect some of us have come to this lifetime with very long "honey-do" lists, because there's stuff that needs to be taken care of, for good and all, THIS time around the block!

In releasing the Judge, I remember that there needs to be a Victim for the Judge to bully and oppress and, well, judge. She is me, and I am a part of the collective SHE that has been, and is still very much being, Judged. In ending this cycle, I held my Victim close, tenderly, reassuring her that all shall be well...that all IS well, right here, right now.
To that end, I was drawn to a new moon concert in Carlsbad - the one I've been Twittering about. (scan ze Clouds in the Sky if you're confused) I experienced healing of/for the Victim in a very unexpected, and very sensual way. Who'da thunk that "mere soundwaves" could arouse one in such a deep and primal manner?
I will simply say that once again, I'm glad that I'm a woman this time around - had I been a man, the healing journey would have been rather obvious to the casual observer! (lol)
I left feeling unexpectedly full. A hunger had been satiated, an empty space filled...and a direction clarified.
Baby is ready to tango, now... ;-)

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