Thursday, April 2, 2009

"she entered her blue period..." ;-)

Yup, changing up the look of the blog, again.
The brown had gotten a bit too "meh" for me - and it wasn't sitting well with me anymore.

I'm changing over a LOT of my online stuff to blue.
My page on the Ning site is blue, too.
(Haven't been yet? Check us out! My cat will take you there...)

Changing up stuff here mirrors some restlessness I feel within, at this moment. Divine Discontent, mayhap.
The wanting to grow and expand and move forward is there; yet here sitteth resistance as well.
Yup, still sitting with it. Usually takes a whole lunar cycle for me to work through stuff, and I'm not even at the halfway point yet. And then there's the Diva within going, "OMG, we're not getting anything done, we're falling sooo far behind - we need action! NOW!"
Um, whose timetable are you working off, lovie?

Perhaps this is the paradox, now: my need to be still and silent and nested vs. my need to get out and BE the Priestess of the World. Virgo domesticity vs. Scorpio ambition.
My moon is in Virgo and I have Scorpio rising...nuff said! (lol)
Isn't that what being a Libra is all about, though - balancing?

I guess it all comes down to this: I'm still a bit off in my equilibrium and I haven't found a new fulcrum point yet.
Gentleness, I remind myself. Gentleness.
And send the monkey mind to Tahiti for some chillaxin!
In the end, I'll need to feel my way through, rather than think my way through.

Never said tending the garden of dreams would be easy, eh? ;-)

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