Friday, January 23, 2009

Yup, that's me!

You've seen the recent addition of a picture to the left by now.
That's me. :-)

The pic is from my trip Down Under in February & March, 2007. It was late summer/early fall in Oz, so I didn't need many heavy and bulky clothes.
Yes, I'm in my cat's pajamas (lol), and caught in mid-journal. I think I was explaining about just how much I journal IRL when the pic was taken.
The lime green band around my left wrist was from one of several giftie bags I received. It said "Freedom" on it. Entirely appropriate, since I'd just left my job at the synagogue and had begun the next phase of my journey! :-)

Today, the hair and the glasses look a little different, but everything else looks pretty much the same.
C'est moi. Nice to "meet" y'all at last. ;-)

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