Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Years Old.

The thought flashed across my awareness today...it's been two years since I began this blog.

First, it was Starting from Scratch, because that's where I was in my life. I felt I was taking the reins in how I made my way through the world, from merely reacting to what was thrown at me to taking an active role in Co-Creating my life with the Universe. It was time, as I write in my explanatory little blurb about myself, to heed the Call and DO something about it!
This road has taken many turns, going off into the bush, as my Aussie friends like to say, and coming back to the main again. There have been magickal moments, trying times, daring detours, and simply instances where I've called time out to try to answer the question, What Just Happened?!? (lol)

I will admit, I thought I'd be farther along my projected path than where I am right now. Gradually, I have come to the realization that I'm moving forward at exactly at the pace I need to. Sometimes, I feel like I'm moving behind a turtle, who is leading the way in this mysterious labyrinth of life, painfully slowly at times - or so it appears - but always making progress.
The clincher came for me at the end of an episode of Heroes, as I watched Parkman literally following a turtle...now moving forward a couple of steps, now waiting, now moving forward a couple of steps more.
Hence, the new and current name of my blog - Following the Turtle.

I'm getting there, slowly and by degrees, but I'm getting there.
If you've come this far with me, thank you for your patience & support!
If you're just joining me, merry meet & welcome! You'll have to bear with me now and again, but I think the payoff is going to be SO worth it! :-)

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