Monday, January 19, 2009

ebb tide

Today is an introverted day.
A day to hold myself gently in sacred space.
A day to be still (well, as still as possible on a workday) and let things percolate quietly within...

I am now a part of a e-community of Divinely-Inspired Creatrices that has arisen, drawn to gather by the siren song of one of my Net-friends. You can find her here: It is the first of six weeks we're going to be "officially" together, and my latest Creation is just about ready to push through the surface of my awareness - but not just yet. Patience, as it germinates in my fertile primal mind...

I am also in the middle of a purge. I'm finally tackling the storage shed in ze patio! :-)
Already I have released what no longer serves me: old newsletters about professional wrestling. The thrill is gone, and I don't resonate with this most enduring quirk of pop culture. The high-profile tragedy involving the family of Chris Benoit was the start, but it was the callous reaction of the owner of World Wresting Entertainment - all but daring Congress to come and investigate his company, rather than taking a hard deep look at what was wrong within it! - that killed my appetite for good. At any rate, the newsletters are now in the recycling bin, and I have a bit more space to do some shapeshifting in the shed.

A lot of my appetites are changing right now, in food, in music, in television - in Everything. The Change wrought within me to start the (muggle) New Year is rearranging my life around me.
So today I pause in the doing and take some time to be.
The tide will come back in again. It always does.

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