Monday, December 8, 2008

to decorate or not to decorate...?

That was the question as I entered December.

See, once upon a time, I was totally into the Christmas spirit. Decking the halls for a holly-jolly good time was practically mandatory. ;-) I got totally into every bit of it, treating it almost like, well, a ritual. (Yes, foreshadowing that path I was to take!!)

Then a couple of trends converged in my life.
First, I began to delve deeply into Earth-based Spirituality. Suddenly I began to feel disconnected from the whole "holly-jolly" atmosphere. Yes, I knew/know much of the symbology is still pagan, but the whole "reason for the season" theme no longer resonated with me...not that it ever really did in the first place! (lol) Second, when you work in a synagogue, you kind of hafta tone down the holly-jolly to be "politically correct," if you know what I mean. When in Tel Aviv...
So over the past few years, there has been a de-emphasis of holiday spirit around the house. Not a whole lot of tinsel and hall-decking. The fact that the Yule/Christmas trees are obscenely priced these days does not help!

Then this year, my Uncle B. sent us a "living" wreath of pine and juniper. It smells divine. But they only sent half a dozen dinky pinecones to decorate it!
Oh, no, I thought to myself. I can do much better than that!
So in getting out a few things to decorate the wreath, I found myself looking through the holiday box and saw an envelope full of paper ornaments that haven't seen the light of day in a long time. Ya know, it was time for a little hall decking once again. Break out some holly-jolly!

Thus, I have a decorated house. Not as extensively as in years past - hey, I live in a smaller space these days! (lol) - but more so than, say, last year. And by degrees, the Yuletide spirit is beginning to fill me up anew.

Now to tackle the rest of my holiday snailies... ;-)

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