Monday, December 1, 2008

tiptoeing into december

Sitting down & summing up:

I've posted Ariadne's Wish in the e-communities I'm a part of. People have actually been inspired to take up the Wish with their own circles! How exciting! I get warm fuzzies inside, along with the knowledge that I'm not whistling in the dark after all... ;-)
As for me, I will be partaking myself, most likely in January, with one of my groups.
I've come to realize the Wish doesn't need to be fulfilled right at the New Year, especially since there are a whole passel of New Years from now till March, and even beyond! So if you've been one of those sweating getting everything done NOW, relax. There will be plenty of time to come together, and invoke hearts' desires, and release them out into the Universe for fulfillment, if it's according to the Highest Good & Best Outcome...

My (muggle) Thanksgiving was nice, if rather damp. Rain in Southern California - who'da thunk it! (lol) My cousin H. and her family were hosting for the first time this year, and it was a chance to sit down with one uncle's family: his three children and their mess of grandchildren, also known as my first cousins and second cousins. I think. (still haven't figured out the proper terms for all these branches on ze family tree!) ;-) My grandmother's fingerprints were all over this one - five years since her passing and she's still doing her best to keep the family together!
Now, keep in mind one thing: in my family, I am the only pagan. My mother is more Taoist, than anything else, right at the moment...but the rest of the family subscribes to varying degrees of Christian belief. My cousin H. belongs to the more "casual" Christian branch, whereas members of my Uncle J's family are more "hardcore." The difference, energetically speaking, is palpable: I felt corseted at the family feasting, but the corset wasn't laced up so tight I could hardly breathe, ya know? ;-) At the moment there is an unspoken Don't Ask, Don't Tell rule in place, which will most likely fall to the wayside when my profile is sufficiently high enough for peeps to sit up and take notice of me. But after this Thanksgiving, I figure I won't have to kiss all of my family goodbye - just the "hardcore" ones. ;-)

On the work front, I'm finally finished helping out the company Down South! Happy happy joy joy! (lol) What was supposed to last three weeks, tops, turned into roughly three and a half months! :-o But you see, in a sense, I needed that time because I wasn't ready to move forward in my Real Work. There was the harvest to take in, the finishing of very important inner work, and the tail end of the Dark Night of the Collective Soul to move through.
Now, we are stepping into the time of Revolution and Rebirth. Now we have an opportunity to dream a new future into the of Unconditional Love that heals the old wounds and clears out all that stands between us and full Authenticity. From our new President (yay Obama!) on down, we have an excellent opportunity to wipe clean the slate and begin again.

For me, part of that beginning again will be in launching my two weeks! Eek! (lol)
No worries, friends, it's all coming together. Certain parts will probably need to be done later, rather than sooner, but it will all work out in ze end. I am certainly in no rush and will be making plenty of these puppies to spread throughout the entire world, Gods willing! ;-)

Yes, the words are loosening up, and are coming together to be shared at last.
This final month of the year will most likely be a retrospective one for this blog, both in the tying off of loose ends and of saying what could not be spoken of until the process was done.
For now, the process IS done, and it's time for me to spiral outward again...