Thursday, February 28, 2008

C o m i n g~together

On my way home from work, I began to split hairs about the Leaving...should I leave at this point in May or that point? Should I take the time off, come back in June, and then give notice? You know, lovely Libra indecision! ;-)

Well, today's call with P. changed that and clarified the path.
I had informed her that I was going into the studio on Saturday to record my CD.
(I'm going to say that again: I'm going into the studio on Saturday to record my CD!! WOOT!)
And she's throwing out ideas about what we can do after the Utah trip - like going to New Mexico in August...and visiting other places...

Back up a moment:
Her, me, her spouse, and whoever else of our Spiritual Posse is free to come with.

Oh mah gawds - it's coming together!

Back up another step:
When I attended Michael Beckwith's seminar in November, I was advised that travel was going to be a significant part of my life. Then, I couldn't quite see how that was going to work; but now, I can. It will be with my posse. :-)

Breathe deeply. Go-Time is around the corner!

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