Friday, February 8, 2008

"Gung Hai Fat Choi!"

That's "Happy New Year" in Chinese, I think. The spelling may be a wee bit off... ;-)

I blog here one week after a miraculous momentum shift!
Before Imbolc (which was on the 2nd), I was crabby, melancholy, and in the throes of Divine Discontent. "Captain Crankypants" was in the house & not in the mood to save anyone!
On the day before, I saw who I could be if I stayed in this energy - Judging everyone. "Should"*ing on everyone. The Indigo Diva had arisen from the dead and was chomping at the bit to open up a can of whoop-ass on everyone around her! :-o
I drew all of this energy together, then chose to step out of it.

Came the next day, Imbolc itself, and my attitude had done a complete 180.
I was content, because I knew everything was/is falling into place. All shall occur in Perfect Divine Timing. All of my dreams are unfolding before me in Real*I*Zation!
I have not felt this certain about everything since I believed my life was going to revolve around hammerhead sharks. They turned out to be the means to the end, rather than the end in itself; my ideas to record a CD and start up these healing circles may be the means to the end as well. We shall see...

The feeling of YES! is still here a week later.
And I am basking in the certainty of Beginning Anew. :-D

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