Thursday, July 29, 2010

Opportunity Knocking! (wetware download)

Some ironing may be necessary once you've gone through your karmic wardrobe. (Asheville, NC 7/10)

The influences of Earth and Sky are coming together in these magnificent two weeks to produce some radical (and I daresay delicious!) opportunities for transformation and Lasting Change!

From Grandfather Sky: we're in the last phases of the Cosmic Tsunami. As I advised a while back, this is the time of sorting...what is staying in your life? What is needing to be released? The full moon last weekend provided a major energetic boost to ensure this process would be moving forward. (This would explain why I wanted to sleep a LOT before/during/after the full moon; I had very important Work to do in the Dreamtime!) If you were experiencing insomnia at night during the full moon, or general restlessness around that time - here's your explanation.
Remember: the waning moon cycle (as she disappears in the night sky) is the time of releasing and letting go, which is going to be very important for the upcoming Harvest of Lammas!

From Grandmother Earth: Lammas (the "loaf mass") is the first of the three Harvest celebrations observed by many pagan traditions. The emphasis is on wheat and whole grains, as these were the first of the crop-foods that were ready to be gathered up and prepared for mass consumption in the form of bread. Lammas also has a tradition of "sacrifice" associated with it; the wheat plants must "die" for the village to eat.
For our purposes today, we can consider this question: What are you willing to let go of in your life right now in order to receive the Divine Bounty? What is ready to be released, its time of service in your life now complete?

As we navigate through the energies that are swirling about us - and trust me, they ARE swirling about, in spades! - the keywords for this portion of the journey are Surrender and Acceptance.
Surrender is not a bad word. If you're balking at seeing this word, believe me, I can relate. I used to believe it was a bad word, before I did the needed Shadow-Work to clear the negative associations around it. Let me put you at ease: to surrender simply means to recognize that your life is a Co-Creation, between you and Divinity. It means you don't have to do all the work by yourself; you have a very willing and help*full partner assisting and (when you're open for it) guiding you through the Grand Illusions and the Great Mysteries present in life. It's a lovely thing when you realize - I'm not alone in this. I have help when I need it.
Acceptance means that you place yourself firmly in your life as it is. No more whining about what happened in the past; no more wishing for something different in the future. You don't have to be madly in love with where you are, what you have, who you're with, in this moment. You simply say, Okay. Here I am. Right Now...and you really pay Attention to your surroundings, to your life! Amazing things can then rise into your awareness - and you just might see a doorway to that happy place that you've been looking for all along!

Cultivate your surrendering to, and acceptance of, the present moment. Go through your karmic wardrobe and clean out everything in your life that is no longer serving you. Make room for the Bounty to come...because the energies of the new moon are going to dovetail nicely with the energies of the 8/8 Lion's Gate opening this year! This means another huge energy boost coming our way; this time, with the promise of Marvelous & Miraculous Manifestation - for those who are ready to receive!
If you say, "but I'm not ready," my first question would be, are you sure about that? You might be more and better prepared than you realize! If you truly aren't "ready," no worries. The influx of energies will help you along quite nicely with your works in progress. You'll BE ready soon enough, for there are oodles more energetic pulses (both clearing and manifesting) on their way. Trust me on this one! ;-)

If you feel at all spacey or disconnected during this process: get out into Nature posthaste! She will help you ground, center, and reconnect with the true energetic grid, and not the smoke and mirrors of the Grand Illusion. Even a simple plant will help you return to your center. Viz...

Beautiful Blooms @ Amalya's. 7/10

There. I bet you're feeling better already... :-)

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