Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoughts during the New Moon...

There was a new moon Thursday night/morning.

Today I wrap myself in a blanket of self-love, as I did yesterday and the day before, and as I will tomorrow.

I am disinclined to move a whole lot. I am craving stillness.
The quiet within me reflects the quiet around me - overcast, with just a touch of rain.
They said there was a chance of thunderstorms, but I don't think so; otherwise I'd be bouncing off the walls. (lol)

I am not speaking as much right now.
I can't do a "word-fast" entirely (mom would freak her freak), but I can conserve my words, and be more non-verbal, listen more to the silence.

Fasted on Thursday, for the new moon.
A moderate fast, this time, to push the reset button on my digestive system.
(Had a sugar purge to kick off the week. NOT fun!)

With the sunrise, I will start moving again, after a fashion.
With the sunset, I will gather with my sisters and aunties, and share secrets and mysteries.
Soon enough, I look forward again.

Right now, I am still, in the darkness of the new moon.
Right now is a good night for pondering, and prayer, and dreaming the new month into existence...

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