Monday, August 24, 2009

Props for My Peeps #2: Mysterious Mondays

Time for a little fun, and another faboo person I'd like y'all to meet, if you haven't already.
Everyone, meet Mother Maitri.
We first "met" on the SARK forum, in one of its earlier incarnations. I was immediately drawn to her website: a mix of mirth, compassion, and authenticity. If nothing else, she is authentic, in her beliefs, her words, her narratives. She is a most lovely being, strong and tender and silly and poignant - and many more things, equally applicable, all in one. I dare you to look at her blog/s and NOT want to bookmark at least one of them at once! Oh, and did I mention she was Authentic? ;-)

She started a little somethin' last week called Mystery Mondays...viz, the lovely little graphic that's (hopefully!) at the top of this entry. Each week, we'll talk about "things that make us go hmm," from the simple to the profound.

I thought I'd start off by solving a mystery (hey, I'm a shamanic priestess; we solve mysteries now and again! lol) before posing one of my own.
So - Maitri considered this topic as her first mystery: Ouija boards.
I used one in the past. I don't anymore, since I've found other divinatory techniques that answer my queries much quicker and more efficiently. Don't get me wrong; they are good tools to use - IF you've cast sacred space first!
See, using a Ouija board is just like any other spellcasting...and if you haven't established clear boundaries, and invited only help*full guides & spirits in, you're bound to get tricksters coming in to give you messages that will mess with your head. They will, however, tell you some interesting stories as they're playing you...maybe I'll share that another time, closer to Samhain.

Anyhoo, here are some mysteries I've been pondering:
~Speed limits. Is it just in SoCal, or are speed limits regarded as "this is the minimum speed you need to go, lest you become a speed bump"? I do admit to going a wee bit over the speed limit now and again, but there always seem to be several people who think the freeways are their own personal Autobahn. There are speed limits, and then there's "Keeping Up With the Traffic," and rarely the twain seem to meet!

~My dear cat, Princess Joey Fur-Purrson, was raised with two other cats. So she should Little Miss Social with other members of her kind, right? Um, that would be a no. Nine times out of ten, she sees another cat and the hackles rise, the spitting begins, and if she's really feeling her mojo, she will bull-rush the door/window, screaming, "It's ON like Donkey-Kong, FOOL!" How did she become so antisocial? (le sigh)

~Why is it that when I mention a product, even generically and in passing, on Twitter, a dozen spambots suddenly want to follow me? That's what happened when I wrote "DVD" in one of my tweets. (note to self: don't mention material things on Twitter. Ever!)

~And to finish off, the mystery that inspired me when I was first gaining awareness of my surroundings, years and years ago: Why do the heads of hammerhead sharks look like hammers? (maybe it truly is a raven-and-writing desk thing! Ooh, Scary!!) ;-)

If nothing else, this will inspire me to blog on a more regular basis, non?

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  1. I love it I love it I love it! I'm so glad you jumped on board the mystery train dear sister of the heart! Do you know, when I was little I was captivated by the ouija board but it seemed that the few friends who were interested at all either made fun of it and acted silly, or seemed afraid of it and didn't want to play, and one way or t'other I just didn't get the answers I needed.

    Today I use pendulums and I have quite a collection because I also work with the healing power of gemstones and some stones work better than others for specific questions. I always pray to my spirit guides, my guardian angels, my animal guides and everything that I hold Holy for protection and guidance before I start (I actually have a whole meditative time before I start working with them.) And the funny thing is that as I am an interfaith, non-denominational minister, there are people who act like I am sacriligious for using pendulums, but I use them in a prayerful positive way for guidance. I feel that my spirit guides talk to me through them. Just another way of praying and getting answers.


    I also got a kick out of your talking about the speed limit because my tiny little Irish Catholic grandmother who was about 5' tall, round as a bowling ball, pink-cheeked and wiry hair going everywhere, and I ADORED her above anyone else in my childhood, never knew how to drive. After Grandpa died my father taught her how to drive and bought her a car. Now grandma was one of those little old ladies who could barely see over the steering wheel,and she had to sit on pillows to drive, ha ha ha, and if she WENT the speed limit she felt like she was SPEEDING so she ALWAYS went about 10 mph under the speed limit and I believe snails were passing her, as well as a lot of other drivers who said VERY foul things as they passed. (She made me a wreck when I rode with her because I thought someone would run over us like a speed bump!)

    Anyway, I loved your piece and I'm so glad that you joined the Mystery Train. You know, one thing I can never grasp, although I love them, have several decks, and love to get a reading from someone who is really good at it, is the Tarot. I can draw one card for myself for the day or for the answer to one question, but the spreads/layouts are always too much for me to take in and I just get lost. That's really an art if you ask me. If you do the Tarot I'd love to hear you speak about The Mystery Of The Tarot sometime!

    Big hugs and love to you dearheart...

    Mother Maitri