Sunday, January 20, 2013

...and I return...

Most interesting cloud formation. (Joshua Tree, 12/12)
Funny what happens when you start living outside of linear time - concepts like days, weeks, and even months cease to have meaning...and suddenly you find yourself in a completely new era, the old one having been left behind in an amazing shifting of shape! I come back to my personal blog and pick up the threads of narrative once more, intending not to have such a large gap between entries next time. ;-)

Rather than devote an entry to each month, I'm going to summarize the final months of 2012 in a single swoop, bringing The Year of the Unexpected to a graceful conclusion...

September was represented by Zhi-Nu, the Weaving Woman of Heaven. Her message was: Let the stars inspire you. Find an original way to surmount an obstacle. For me, the "original way" was to step out of my normal reaction to life's challenges - resistance - and embrace a new reaction - acceptance. Everything began to work for me. Granted, not all of the situations I found myself in were agreeable, or even enjoyable, but by taking situations as they came, and seeing what I could get out of each situation, a certain grace entered my life, and suddenly the challenges didn't seem to be such large pains in my tuchis. Of course, having someone sharing the journey with me helped quite a bit... :-)

Happy Couple. (San Diego, 9/12)

October was represented by Anuket, The Embracer. Your life will overflow with blessings was her message; considering this was my natal month, I was ready and willing to receive all the blessings the Universe saw fit to send my way! They included an awesome weekend in Poway with my (new) sister VisionKeepers, and this yummy gluten-free birthday cake my beloved gifted me with:

A cake fit for a Goddess (@ Home, 10/16)

November's Goddess was, appropriately enough, was Lalita, the Amorous. Love is a playful act to take joy in, She assured me. Love was one of the things I took joy in, when I could. It was a busy month and it was a month of Gratitude as well, even when some of the changes that unfolded before me weren't the most pleasant ones. I engaged in some very intense purging, along with receiving the lessons that the "creeping crud" gave to me and I continued the process of releasing Old Reality that had begun in October. Through the fierce and the felicitous, Jonathan was there every step of the way, loving me and holding space for me when I most needed it.

Ascending the Ladder. (San Diego, 10/12)

December, the final pivotal month of 2012, was represented by Hathor, The Golden One. She advised: Prosperity awaits you. Look for examples of it in action. I didn't have to look very far; between my job situation and a lovely pre-Yule ceremony, I found prosperity active and very present in my life. To ensure future prosperity, and to allow the new patters to begin unfolding in my life, I made a bold choice: I invited Jonathan to move in with me. My mother not only approves, she was the one who insisted that he move in, as his assistance proved very timely after a nasty fall she took towards the end of last month.

Bidding 2012 adieu. (Joshua Tree 12/12)

The new patterns are settling into place this month, as the shifting of rooms and the shifting of energies progress slowly but steadily. Perhaps I shall speak a bit more about 2012 later, as Winter comes to a close and Spring begins to bloom. In the meantime, I hope this helps bring my cyberspace peeps up to speed... :-)

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