Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I spent my Imbolc

Well, as I promised last time, I got crafty. Here is the Imbolc wreath I revamped:
Because it's a straw wreath, the candles don't always behave. ;-)

To celebrate Imbolc itself, I made my way to Questhaven. After walking their labyrinth, I set out on the Singing Springs trail...
Greeted by a HUGE flowering tree at the start of the trail!
Passing through one of several portals...

Crossing over a bridge into Faerie territory :-)

The rock formation at trail's end
...and the springs were Singing! :-)

I stayed for a long time by the stream, taking in the sound of rushing water. Eventually, I got my fill, and took my leave. I went to visit the Blessed Mother (Mary) before leaving the grounds.

Post-Questhaven, I chose to visit the Jade Buddha, which was making a stop at the California Center for the Arts (in Escondido.) I didn't know what to expect - but an outdoor temple was not on the list!
The Jade Buddha at the center of the "temple"
The day I stopped by just happened to be the celebration of the Lunar New Year for the local Vietnamese community. I took in the energy of new beginnings, devotions, and celebrations. I even received a New Year's Blessing from a Buddhist Monk. :-)

As I left, wouldn't you know who I would notice flying alongside me? Hello, Crow! (lol)

I've got some more pix of the day, but Blogger is acting up a bit, so I'll post the full photo experience on my Facebook page.
I've also been experiencing some very profound internal shifting. I'm still processing a lot of it, so I'll save that part of the story till later... ;-)

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