Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working with what I've got

I've received some feedback from my peeps that they can't hear my sample track on Lulu.
Okay, no problem. I'll put the track on my blog. They've got a widget-thingy for that, right?
Well, I thought I saw a widget-thingy option the other day, but when I went to look again, no dice. Hmm - did I misread something? (most likely)

Let's think for a moment...
Trying to get my widget-thingy onto my blog won't work - but - what if I go back to Lulu and grab the soundbite from them to put here?
Done! :-)

So it's not pretty, and it needs to be copied & pasted into your browser-director thingy, but it's here. Look under the pic of my CD and try it. :-)
In the meantime, I'll see if I can make it prettier and/or simpler.
Bear with me folks; in many techno-areas I'm still pretty much "captain clueless." (lol)

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