Sunday, March 15, 2009

as within, so without

The pulse of quickening I felt at the start of February has moved through me and out into the world.
Primarily, my work schedule has changed, effective today: 4:35pm - 12:35am, Sunday thru Wednesday.
The days themselves are the same; it's the time that has changed, taking me deeper into the night...which suits this nocturnal creature quite fine. :-)
It's interesting - in working my way through Miss Leonie's e-course, I had made the choice to stay up later into the wee hours. So has the Universe shifted to fill the space I carved out? Or did I carve out the space being directed by knowing of the Change to come?
That's probably a "yes" answer. (lol)

Regardless, the day-to-day pace of my life will improve immensely, especially on Sundays. No more running back down the coast after playing in the Goddess Temple! I get a little more breathing room, now, before I have to check in to work mode.
Initially, when I heard about my new hours, I was a bit concerned - getting my shift covered for that odd Sunday or so would be more challenging; who the hell wants to whittle away time late on a Sunday night, right? Ah...I shall have a counterpart who works the same hours Thursday thru Saturday! This person can be my first choice: yo, can you work a Sunday in exchange for a Thursday? Sweet!
Yes, I know...a "no" answer may be challenging, but I should still have several options.

The changing of my work hours reflects a larger shifting, becoming more and more apparent.
I have been dreaming of my "ideal" life for several years.
Recently, I did a little visualizing of what my calendar would look like if I were fully in this "ideal" life. You want details, Universe? Here are some details for you - and me!
Suddenly, the dreaming is shifting into doing. Changes are manifesting.

...and I am SO ready to ride this wave. About bloody time, eh? (lol)

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