Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sugar bomb

Woke up yesterday morning feeling rather blerky...nauseous, sore in every cell of my body. Something was very definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.
So I checked in with myself and found the what of it: too much sugar in my system.

It was mom's birthday weekend, and there had been cake. And more cake. And a hot-fudge sundae from Mickey-D's to cap it all off.
No wonder I overdosed on sugar! :-p

I know my body chemistry has changed radically since January. I wasn't aware of the full extent of this change till yesterday.

So I took it easy yesterday - no solid food, and I called out from work. Time to refocus and take care of ME.

I had something similar happen at the end of the retreat, in fact, hurling after I'd consumed a cup of tea sweetened with sugar. And yes, eventually I wound up hurling to purge all this toxic energy within me and hit the reset button. I had to, in order to release all the gas that was refusing to budge in my system!

First, gluten; now, sugar.
Noted for future reference!

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