Thursday, March 5, 2009

~shapeshifting, again~

As I write this, I've got a wee bit of a nose cold going. It's all good, though.

This is the physical manifestation of some Divine Discontent that's come up for me this past week or so. I watched it spiral into me, first in my thoughts and attitudes, then into my emotions, and finally into my body. Now it's here, in the form of a cold...and it's a great opportunity to slow down and slip into observer mode, looking at what's really going on around me, within me.

This episode really began on Friday the 13th - Freyja's Power Day! - in February. A Net-friend forwarded me an email about a power shift that was due to happen that evening, bringing in some unifying "Aquarian" energy onto this earthplane. I participated in the event, which is a tale unto itself. Suffice to say I reconnected with some of my newer friends "on the Grid," and I used a large rose quartz that I have in my possession to bring the energy down and spread it around.
Then I sat back and saw "Piscean" resistance from the polarized duality of the current paradigm on this earthplane.
Think about it for a moment: haven't you noticed some folks being a little snarkier than usual? Haven't you seen the "doom & gloom" from the usual suspects being poured on a little thicker than before? The Shadow-Matrix embedded in this society has seen the writing on the wall, and is snarling in defiance, pulling the "sleepwalkers" closer to itself. You won't awaken them; you won't take them from me! it is declaring.
See, as long as people are "asleep" to their Authenticity and Real Power, the Shadow-Matrix thrives. When people "awaken" to their innate Divinity and reclaim it, they "unplug" from the Shadow-Matrix and are no longer its vassals in thrall. Should enough people "awaken," the Shadow-Matrix will dissolve and no longer exist...then we can get jiggy with it in earnest! ;-)
(Tipping the hat to Mr. Will Smith, yo!)

Initially, I was merely the observer; over this past week, I have become a participant. I have felt the "gap" between my life As It Is Now and my life As I Want It To Be. Up rose resistance to the moment; hence, the Divine Discontent - and hence, the cold.
Even before the cold, though, I was engaging the energies that were in flux around me and using them to begin shifting the shape of my life. The class I am now finishing with Miss Leonie has given me the gentle nudge I've needed to get Phoenix~Song posted online (at last - WOOT!) In turn, that will be the first domino falling in a long line of Forward Movement as I emerge from the cave of Winter's rest and surge forth with the Spring!
Yah, yah, some of you are saying you've heard this song before, and have seen nada.
This time around - I feel it in my bones, in my depths, in my core.

The seeds that were planted in an Northern California forest in January have germinated in the rich dark soil of my be*ing. Now tender green shoots are beginning to break the surface and be warmly greeted by the strengthening sunlight.
We shall see what plants arise and mature in the year to come...

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