Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~adding to the concept~

I'm going to do a riff, and expand on this topic I've brought up: Working with what I've got...

It starts with my job, the source of steady income that supports my Work - at least, that's how I see it now.
I used to see it as something as an obligation, an unavoidable duty, something that you cannot avoid doing. Since it was "immutable," I resisted it, sometimes more vigorously (and loudly!) than at other times.
See, I knew I was "destined" to do Something More with my life, but I didn't know what that was. I knew I was not meant to be just another drone, but I had no clue as to what I was to be instead. Without a prize to fix my eyes upon, I was just another life of quiet desperation.

Then I began visualizing, seeing a tangible future and getting specific: I am to be a Priestess in the World.
Good. What does that mean?
The first thing it meant was to summon up my chutzpah and leave the cushy job at the synagogue where I was working. It was okay - but I could find a better fit for me out in the world!
Next was admitting that I needed a source of steady income, for now, while I got my metaphysical feet beneath me. Enter the answering service, and a bit of a homecoming there.
Yes, This job is only "temporary" - but I've relaxed my grip on what temporary means; if I find myself still at the service two, three, five years from now, it's okay.
Somewhere along the line, you see, I quit resisting the present moment. I started working with what I have, right now...and it's made a world of difference. I have my structure, and I arrange my Work around the structure. Eventually, I won't need this structure, but I'm grateful to have it while I need it.

More recently, I took that idea and applied it to my domestic life, and the Work outside my job that I'm doing. What do I have to work with, right now?
I have a CD and a place where I can offer it online. DONE!
I have oodles of time outside my workspace that I can arrange my to-do list in. DOING!
I have opportunities to connect with peeps and work with peeps, online & IRL. IN PROGRESS!

Here's the difference:
I quit waiting for my shiny happy life to drop miraculously into my lap.
I realized that it's all about CO-creation with the Universe. It truly does take two to tango!
I stopped holding the future at arm's length and began to shift it into the Now, shift myself into the future.

oh yah, life is good. :-)

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