Friday, March 20, 2009

Now sprouting on ze blog - !!

The sharp-eyed among you will notice the recent shapeshifting that's occurred here:

First, I'm now active on Twitter. Hey, when the Universe moves to drop a link to a site practically in your lap, you go with it, right? (lol)
You can see my wee "tweets" at or right here under the section, Clouds in the Sky. You know, those wee wisps of water vapor that add depth and richness to the beautiful deep blue? ;-)
I've dreamed now and again of angels skipping from cloud to cloud - but I digress...

Second, I updated my pic in my profile. This one is very recent, circa January of this year! It was taken while I was on retreat by a very special fruit bat. (Those of you who know Monty Python routines, read between the lines~wink wink nudge nudge say no more! lol) It was definitely bundle up and stay near sources of heat weather at the start of the year; let's just say my inner dragon has been happier... ;-)

Said fruit bat also dropped the link to Twitter in my lap - so I guess that's two I owe you, dude. Hollah!

Third, and mostest importantly - while I was changing my pic, I saw three wee words that made me do a happy dance: Audio Clip URL. HA! - I wasn't imagining it after all!! :-)
So, effective immediately, I've taken the fugly & bulky "Sound Snippet" url OFF and advise peeps to click on "About Me" if they want to hear my dulcet tones! Y'all will then see the little link that says Audio Clip; do please click on it! :-)

The one down side? I still can't make it any longer! Boo hiss!
Ah, well, another lesson in working with what I've got, eh?
That's a big affirmatory, cap'n.

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