Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creative Frenzy!

I was a bit concerned about what would happen once I finished Miss Leonie's e-course. Would my creativity dry up again as the lovely & dynamic experiences faded into memory?
I have my answer now: mais non! (lol)

I'm still mid-stream in my journey of getting my CD online. It's proving to be a very juicy "hands-on" learning experience! Still on target for the equinox! :-)
I'm a bit behind in an "altered art round robin" I said I would be a part of with several of my Net-Friends. Fortunately, I'm making up for lost time rather quickly, and it looks like I will be sending out my newest creation on Friday - the next Freyja Power Day! - again, as I had intended. :-)
As if this wasn't enough...I'm plunging deeper with my newest friends at Conscious Convergence, manifesting some material to help promote upcoming retreats for this year and next. Details are still being finalized, though, so I can't elaborate much more at this time. Rest assured, faithful readers, when I know whazzup, you'll know whazzup too! (There will be more shouting from the rooftops.) ;-)
Finally, I have dream projects in the queue, waiting patiently to step forth and have their own turns. I have made a promise to myself: as soon as I finish an "artwork" (as Miss Leonie calls them) for myself, I will allow the next one to come forth and begin to grow.

In the middle of all this, I realized - I am making the shifts from where I am to where I want to be, pretty much seamlessly and effortlessly.
About Bloody Time! (l0l)

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