Friday, March 13, 2009

"Business" on the coast.

I had some business to take care of on the coast today.
And some Business as well.

I took a route that I hadn't taken recently, that I used to take to work all the time when I worked on the coast. My car remembered the way. ;-)

I got to the home of my newest client in divine perfect timing. This was my first visit, so I was in Deep Listening mode today. She called me out to see if I could help her eldest son. I suspect, however, I'll be helping out the entire family before all is said and done.

Then with business finished, it was time to take care of Business.
I drove alongside the 101 up to Encinitas, and the Self-Realization Fellowship Center. They have this very lush and lovely garden there that's open to the public for meditation and contemplation.
I was going to complete a circuit - I had delivered a rock from the tree dedicated to St. Francis at the SRF garden to Questhaven, where St. F. is also honored. I couldn't find a rock to bring back from Questhaven, but I was gifted a piece of tree bark instead. I took that back to St. F's tree and placed my offering at its base.
The spirits attending the tree expressed their appreciation and assured me it was entirely appropriate.
Then I sat for a few minutes with a second rock that I had received from the tree - my gift for weaving this strand of the web. It was happy to be home again; but, no, I didn't need to return it, it was quite happy to stay with me. ;-)

Eventually I made my way to the main koi pond to commune with the rocks there. I collected a handful of them and rubbed them between my hands, listening to their clattering chatter. I told them that I would be going to the desert by and by - and was asked, nicely, if I could complete another circuit. Deliver a rock from the sea to the desert; deliver a rock from the desert to the sea.
Sure. No problem.
While I was chatting with the rocks, a little boy wandered up to me. He was looking to gather rocks unto himself, perhaps to add to his own collection of wise counsellors. I showed him the rocks in my hand - and he took all of them! A pebble-sized rock slipped out of his grasp, however, and fell right by my shoe. I'm going with you, not him! it affirmed.
When the boy left, I asked the rocks, Who's coming with me, then, if not one of the ones I was holding?
Me, the response came, as my eyes were guided to this gorgeous rock. It even has what look like small streams etched onto its surface. Might as well take a rock that looks like it's holding water if we're going to carry water symbolically to the desert, it said. I was in complete agreement.

So, rocks in tow, I returned to my car and drove home the way I'd come.
The road took me through land that had been severely burned by wildfire nearly 18 months ago - but the magick of spring was upon the land. Everywhere I looked, there was the green of new plants, bringing life back to hills blackened by fire.
Thus is the promise of the Phoenix fulfilled - life arising out of death. :-)
Yes, I smiled as I drove...proof positive that even if the human race should blot itself out of existence, Grandmother Earth will not only survive, but thrive.

Of course, I'm working to ensure that we won't blot ourselves out of existence - and that we shall join Grandmother Earth in rebirth, revival, and thriving.

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