Friday, October 8, 2010

From the Wetware: Planting & the Descent

Is it just me or is anyone else suddenly feeling that the mojo of the Universe has been kicked up a notch? Not just me? Cool.

The new moon yesterday seems to have opened the door for a very power*full pulse of energy to sweep through this World of Form and shake up quite a few things! This arrives just after I had a most excellent retreat experience with my Home Tribe! It's totally interesting, feeling the actual pulses as they come and go...every cell in my body suddenly begins to tingle at once! All I can do at this point is surrender - and sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. Winter isn't even here yet and I feel like I've begun to hibernate!

I've been advised by my Spiritual Posse that this shift will reach its culmination on Sunday, when the 10/10/10 gate opens up. This gate is something of an interim point: we are completing the anchoring of the energies that begun with 9/9/09 last year, and starting to receive the energies in earnest leading up to 11/11/11, the start of what I've been told will be the "Diamond Year" and also (unless my posse is very misinformed) the beginning of our trip over the Galactic Core. In other words - this party is only getting started; y'all ain't seen nothing yet! ;-)

At this point, the numerologists will speak up..."Darling, the Triple-10 gate actually opened in 2008; why are people making such a big deal out of it now?" Let me explain: Yes, the date two years ago added up "perfectly" to 10/10/10. The frequencies associated with that gate began to manifest in the World of Form, aka this material plane we're frolicking in/upon. These frequencies complete their manifestation with the "mundane" 10/10/10, which occurs in two days. Their full effect will then be felt in the World of Form. Got it? If so, good. If not, sit with it for a bit, and if it still doesn't make any sense, holler back.

The time between the Triple-10 gate and the full moon is a time of preparation for a pair of events. Come the full moon, we finally get the opportunity to take this Vision we've been cultivating - personal and collective - and plant it. At the full moon, we are all being invited to take the Vision and ground it into the World of Form, digging deep into the soil of Mother Earth and dropping in the seeds. What this looks like for you may differ from what this looks like for me, but it's all good. The point is: Anchor the Energy at the Full Moon, either by yourself or with your group. (The full moon this month will be around the 23rd; any time between 10/22 and 10/24 will be good for ceremony. If you don't have a clue as to how to do this, I'll bet there will be something in your immediate surroundings that will invite you to participate.)

This Planting of the Vision is going to be very important, because there is going to be a third cosmic event this year, beginning right around Samhain/Halloween and going just past Christmas. When I read about this at the start of the year, one word passed through my mind: Descent.
Think of the stories of Persephone and Inanna. These are two Goddesses who undertook journeys to the Underworld; their absence from the surface world is the original explanation for the season of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). Both Goddesses descended to the Underworld. Both obtained great Wisdom during their sojourns on "the Other Side." Both returned to the World Above to share this Wisdom and bring forth renewal of Life and Light.

What that means for us: It looks (to me) like humanity is in for a Collective Descent. Shadows are going to be brought forth into awareness en masse, to be identified as illusion and purged from the Collective Consciousness. Things are going to appear to get worse before they get better; keep this in the back of your mind and realize that much of the Grand Illusion is going to appear before your eyes. Remember that the "doom and gloom" reports are only a part of this Illusion and that they will dissolve in the light of day, by the Winter Solstice at the very latest!
In fact, the time between the Winter Solstice and Christmas will bring in a major influx of Light Energies that will serve to dispel any and all lingering "Shadow-Muck" that doesn't dissolve during this final cosmic surge.
Come the new year, whether you start it from Yule or on January 1, you'll begin to see the first shoots of the Vision begin to break through the surface, in fact. :-)

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  1. Dear Victoria,

    I don't know the reason, but an intuitive call leads me to your blog. Seeing the SkyDancer, I remembered people I love, seeing your shamanistic connection, I was really infected, to read more, seeing the smile in your face, I feel a little bit of authentic being.

    Your actually post is a kind of something that I cannot understand with my mind, but my heart says "It's allright, it's a way to work with the invisible."

    Last evening, I was very tired. Nethertheless I worked on a new projekt. The main theme is "Children needs trust, children needs spiritual energy and power, children needs love." Writing these sentences, it's a inner clearing, because my former thoughts are working only with Reiki.

    But that is not all. Every energy, which is a loving one, is a true one, is worth to be communicated.People needs love, the younger ones and the elder ones, the inner children and the real children.

    Another parallel to your words, to your vision: For the first time in my life, I am working with a LIVING LINE. Primary, its the 23. Oktober 2010, than SAMHAIN: I didn't know why, but my inner voice said it to me last week. All these thoughts came without pressure, without being anxious.

    Early in this morning, I had a dream. A child stopped my car, and his father was nearby. That was the STOP to the limited Reikiprojekt. Now I can feel the solution in your presence.

    Thanks for your thoughts, thanks for participating.

    Love and light
    Burcado Ajad