Saturday, October 16, 2010

thirty-nine "authenticities"

In no particular order, here are thirty-nine things that make me feel totally Authentic - one for each year I have been walking upon Mother Earth's bosom in this go-round...

~Dark chocolate anything ;-)

~Losing myself in Creation, particularly collaging or writing
"Self-portrait." Revised 2001

~The scent of roses in full bloom

~Hammerhead sharks

~A cat sleeping upon my belly. These days, the cat looks like this:
Princess Joey. 15 and still spry! :-)

~The scent of vanilla

~Rainbows streaking across the sky
The original "eye candy." (Northern CA, 1/09)

~Adventures near and far, big and small

~Walking in Nature
Deer Springs Trail @ Questhaven (2/10)

~Everything Japanese
Someday the English translation won't be necessary! (Vista, 7/10)

~Eating food that enlightens me from the inside out :-)

~Long baths by candlelight

~Staying in touch with distant friends through the magic of the Internet :-)

~Gathering together with my Family of Choice

~Appreciating art created by othersSculpture by Niki de San Phalle. (Balboa Park, 7/09)

~Being the High Priestess in ServiceThe Brun'gavoda.

~Communing/Working with the Stone People
A "Mystery Stone" that insisted I take it home. (8/10)

~Photographing the Beauty all around me, as if seeing it for the first time
"Independent Spirit" (Encinitas, 5/10)

~Blowing bubbles, indoors or out

~Having inordinate amounts of fun with bubble wrap

~Letting my "Inside Child" out to play :-)"You WEEL respect my authori-tay!"
(Northern CA, 10/10. This photo by Teddybear-N)

~Laughing hysterically in rounds of "Mad Libs"

~Watching sunsets
Bidding the "old year" adieu. (Carlsbad, 8/10)

~Howling at the Moon
One just past full. (Escondido, 9/09)

~The scent of lavender

~Blackberry Sorbet, my new fave.

~Trader Joe's: they make being a "conscious foodie" so much FUN! (no, they're not paying me to give a shout out for them. I'm doing this because I think they're the Bomb Diggety!)

~Having fun with words in the English (and other) languages

~Reading books that inspire me. This author has written some gems.

~Cooking dinners for myself

~Sipping fine tea

~Experimenting with new taste combos. (The latest: brown rice pasta w/kale salad and a touch of balsamic dressing. YUM!) :-q

~Moving my body through yoga, whether just a tiny snippet or a full routine

~Visiting the ocean
The Ultimate Relaxation Destination (Encinitas, 9/09)

~Making "number-one good juju bundles," for various purposes
"Yemaya's bundle" for the Oil fiasco in the Gulf. (Encinitas, 7/10)

~Warm sunny days

~Wearing all-cotton clothes. If the cotton is organic, that's a bonus :-)

~Being open to receiving Nature's gifts for meFeathers, shells, a stone...freely given, gratefully accepted (Encinitas, 9/09)

~Cherishing the deep friendships present in my life, especially this one (aka, "saving the best for last.") ;-)

So many things to encourage my light to shine - and the whole becomes FAR greater than the sum of its parts. I carry the Infinite Divine within me, this day and all my days...

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